How to Avoid Getting Sick in College

In college, it might seem like getting sick is always¬†inevitable. You’re surrounded by tons of people. You probably will come down with a cold at some point during your college years, and that’s okay. Today, I’m going to tell you all about how to avoid getting sick in college.

Killer Harmony | How to Avoid Getting Sick in College | You've probably heard that getting sick in college is inevitable. Well, you can at least try and lessen your chances of getting really sick. I have six tips to show you how.

I think most of us who have been through college, especially in the dorm, have had our fair share of sickness. I have had it, my friends have been sick. It’s a reality, but you can stay safe. Here are my tips for avoiding the campus bug.

1. Wash Your Hands…a Lot.

It may sound simple, but washing your hands is the first line of defense you can set up against germs. It’s also one of the parts of your health that you have complete control over. On a college campus, your classmates won’t always have the best personal hygiene. So take it upon yourself to keep yourself as germ-free as you can.

2. Get Hand Sanitizer And/Or Alcohol Wipes.

Whether you have a big bottle on your desk or a small pack of wipes in your backpack, you need one or the other. You can’t always get to a sink to wash your hands, so having hand sanitizer available is a good idea. My friend always had a small bottle in her purse and would share with everyone after leaving the cafeteria.

3. Take Vitamin C.

You can never be too safe. Vitamin C is not guaranteed to help you not get sick, but it never hurts. You never know when it might come in handy. I love the (affiliate link)¬†lemon lime flavor of Emergen-C, but any way you like it works, too. It also doesn’t hurt to just take vitamins in general. If done right, it can be great for your health.

4. Drink Water.

Water has many benefits, and I can get behind all of them. First off, water is free, except for bottled water. When you are out at a restaurant, save yourself a couple of bucks and get water instead of soda. Water also benefits your health. It can help with your skin, and it can also help flush out toxins that could lead to getting sick.

Just drink water. Your body will thank you for it.

5. Get Your Vaccines.

Especially the meningitis vaccine. Getting vaccinated against diseases like the flu is a simple way to prevent getting sick. It’s not always a guaranteed block from illness; I still got the flu last year after getting the vaccine. Getting vaccinated is a smart thing to do, and it is usually a requirement.

At my university, you have to get the meningitis shot if you plan to live on campus. You can file for an exemption at some places for religious or health reasons (the vaccine could get you sick, though it’s not likely). I suggest you don’t exempt yourself and that you get the vaccine. Not only is it smart, but better safe than sorry. Also, my university has a clause that reserves the right to kick someone out of the dorm if there is a meningitis outbreak.

6. Be the Weirdo Germ Freak.

You probably scoff when you see someone use a paper towel to open the bathroom door, but is it really that weird? People don’t always wash their hands (see 1 above), so you can never play it too safe when leaving the restroom.

So go ahead. Be that weirdo who checks for every little thing. Use your sleeve to open doors. Carry hand sanitizer with you everywhere. It will be worth it when your friends get sick and you don’t.


College is one of the best parts of growing up, and it might seem like getting sick is inevitable. You are, after all, living in close quarters with dozens if not hundreds of other people. Just follow these tips to avoid getting sick in college, or at least to avoid serious illness, like the flu. I can’t guarantee you won’t get something like the cold at least once in college.

Stay tuned for a part two to this post: what to do if you do get sick in college.

Have you successfully avoided getting sick in college? What do you do in college to avoid getting sick? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @HannahHaefele

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, the flu vaccine is definitely important. I got the flu a little over a year ago, and it was not fun.

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