WordPress vs. Wix: Which Is Best?

As a musician in the 21st century, choosing a website host is an important decision. And as I watch more of my colleagues create websites, I feel like I have to compare WordPress vs. Wix.

WordPress and Wix are both popular website builders. But they have a lot of differences that may make one a better option for you.

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Passive Income Ideas for Musicians

The music industry is behind the times in a lot of ways. And one of those ways is in regards to earning money. In other industries, passive income is much more popular.

Passive Income Ideas for Musicians | Hannah B Flute

But in the music world, gigs and lessons and recordings are all still common. That’s not a bad thing, and those things can make you money. However, passive income is just as important for musicians.

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Musical New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

The new year means new goals and resolutions for people in all walks of life. For musicians, those resolutions can focus on practicing or professional development.

Musical New Year's Resolutions | Hannah B Flute

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Graduation Plans for Music Students

I just finished my masters degree. Over the past few months, I have been finalizing my graduation plans. And because that can be hard for music students, I thought I’d share my plans to give you some ideas.

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The Worst Flute Brands: All About Instrument Shaped Objects

One common question I see online occasionally has to do with cheap flutes. I know, flutes are expensive. But these cheap alternatives are from some of the worst flute brands out there.

The Worst Flute Brands | Hannah B Flute

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