Winter Break for Musicians: What to Do

Ah, winter break, a time for doing nothing but opening presents. Oh, wait, winter break for musicians? That’s a slightly different thing.

Winter Break for Musicians | Hannah B Flute

While many students get a few weeks of nothing, music students have to keep up with their skills. Music majors also should get some rest. Continue reading “Winter Break for Musicians: What to Do”

Gift Guide for Musicians (2019)

Being a musician is amazing. But it can also get expensive. As the holidays approach and your wish list grows, consider this gift guide for musicians.

Gift Guide for Musicians 2019 | Hannah B Flute

And if you’re not a musician, consider getting one or more of these things for the musician in your life. You might just save them some hassle and stress. Continue reading “Gift Guide for Musicians (2019)”

Holiday Music and Musicians

When you started playing an instrument, you probably thought of all of the amazing solos you’d get to play one day. You probably didn’t think as much about the holiday music that would come up every year.

Holiday Music and Musicians | Hannah B Flute

For better or worse, holiday music plays an important role in our culture. Without music, the holidays would be boring. Continue reading “Holiday Music and Musicians”