6 Benefits of Hiring a Music Arranger

Do you want to make flute music better or more diverse? You should hire a flute music arranger.

6 Benefits of Hiring a Music Arranger | Hannah B Flute

An arranger can help you bring your ideas to life. They can also make sure the music meets your needs of those of your students.

Read on to learn more of the benefits of hiring an arranger.

1. Play Music for Other Instruments

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a music arranger is that you can learn music that was originally for another instrument. For example, I arranged the first of the Bach cello suites.

A lot of flute students don’t know how to read the bass clef. So having it in treble clef and in the flute range can make it easier to play.

If there’s a specific piece of music you want to learn, commission a music arranger. They can rewrite it to fit the needs of your instrument or ensemble, and you won’t have to struggle to read or play the music.

2. Prepare Music for Your Students

If you teach private music lessons, you may struggle to keep your students motivated to practice. And I get it, a lot of what we teach is rooted in the western tradition, and it’s time to move past that.

You can hire a music arranger to come up with something fun. I know a lot of teachers will set up chamber groups for their students. So you could commission an arrangement to assign to a few flute players.

Offering new music can also improve the value of lessons. That way, you can retain more of your students, and you can also shake things up for yourself. Lessons can get repetitive, so a new thing is great.

3. Expand Your Rep

Maybe you’re more of a performer and don’t really teach lessons. A music arranger can still help you diversify your repertoire. You can commission an arrangement that fits your needs.

If you’re a soloist, you could get an unaccompanied arrangement. Or if you have a chamber group, you could commission a project for that. This can be especially useful if your chamber group has an uncommon instrumentation.

You might not always be able to find music that works for your group. So hiring an arranger or composer could be your best option. Then, you don’t have to spend time arranging the music, and you can spend more time playing.

4. Choose Your Instrumentation

Another advantage of commissioning a music arranging project is that you get to decide on the instrumentation. I already mentioned that this is great for groups with uncommon instrumentation.

But it could also work for standard groups, woodwind quartets and quintets. You may not want to play the same pieces as everyone else. When you commission an arrangement, you usually get to premiere the piece.

That can help set your group apart when you’re booking gigs. Plus, you can make sure the music you play suits your performance settings. For example, you might not play the same stuff at a church as at a corporate event.

5. Bring Your Music to Life

If you’ve dabbled in composing, you can also benefit from a music arranger. An arranger can take your small idea and bring it to life. They can flush out the melody and harmonies.

Along with arranging, I also offer engraving and editing services. So even if you’re not a flute player, I can help you write and publish better flute music.

That way, you’ll know the music is playable on the instrument. And you can get feedback before releasing the piece to the world.

6. Save Time for Yourself

Regardless of your relationship to music, a music arranger can help save you time. You can outsource the creation of music for you, your students, or your ensemble.

That gives you more time to spend doing your main thing. You can book more gigs or get more students. And you’ll have new music ready and waiting for your next performance or lesson.

Arranging music takes a lot of time, especially as a beginner. Save yourself the stress and work with someone who has experience. Then, you’ll have music ready in no time.

How Much Does a Music Arranger Cost?

The cost of a music arranger varies between projects. Some charge per minute of music, while others charge per hour or a base project rate.

Longer projects will usually cost more. The same is true of projects with multiple parts.

Why Should You Hire a Music Arranger?

Technically, anyone can arrange music with the right tools. However, a music arranger will have the skills and experience to write better parts.

They can also be an extra set of ears on your music if you’re a composer. And if you’re a performer, the arranger can work with you to meet your needs.

How Does Music Arranging Differ From Composing?

Music arranging and composing are equally important. Composing involves starting from nothing and creating a whole piece.

However, arranging starts with an existing piece or melody. A music arranger will expand on the original idea to make it work for a new ensemble.

Hire a Flute Music Arranger

If you’re looking for someone to create flute music, you should hire a specialist flute music arranger. As a flute player, I know how the instrument works.

That means I can create music that will work for the instrument. I can also account for different levels of difficulty.

So if you have a project you want to work on, learn more about how I can help!


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  1. I love how you pointed out that if you learn from a professional they can teach you to play things that weren’t originally on that instrument. My younger cousin has shown a lot of interest recently in playing in a band. We’ve been looking into getting him to try flute lessons to see if that’s something he might want to continue with.

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