Blogging for Musicians: The Best Blog Sites

As part of this Blogging for Musicians series, it’s important to talk about the best blog sites. There are many websites you can use to set up a blog, and each one works differently. Because of that, not all blog sites are worth it.

The Best Blog Sites | Hannah B Flute

I’ve used multiple blog sites to host my blog and website, but I do have my personal preference. You may find you like another site better, and that’s okay. However, the best blog sites let you do what you want to do for your entire website, including your blog. Continue reading “Blogging for Musicians: The Best Blog Sites”

Blogging for Musicians: What Is a Blog?

As a musician, I do a lot of teaching and performing. But I’m also a blogger, so I do a lot of blogging and general writing. Still, you may be wondering, what is a blog?

What Is a Blog? | Hannah B Flute

A blog is versatile online platform that anyone can start and use. You can post almost anything you want on a blog. That could include tips and tricks or personal updates. Continue reading “Blogging for Musicians: What Is a Blog?”

Do Music Blogs Matter for Classical Musicians?

While music blogs may not be as popular as food or fashion blogs, they can still be useful. Music bloggers can share tips and tricks to educate their readers. A music blogger can also use their blog to grow their overall career.

Do Music Blogs Matter for Classical Musicians? | Hannah B Flute

When done right, music blogs can be free resources for the internet. But they can still be a source of income for the blog owner. Speaking of which… Continue reading “Do Music Blogs Matter for Classical Musicians?”

Academic vs. Blog Writing for Musicians

Formal or casual? What’s your preferred way to write? Writing for musicians is an essential skill. Even though you may not be a professional writer, you have to articulate your thoughts clearly and efficiently.

Hannah B Flute | Academic vs. Blog Writing for Musicians

Academic writing requires a formal tone while blog writing can be more casual. Musicians should be able to write in a variety of styles to fit the context. You don’t want to write an email the same way as you would a paper. Continue reading “Academic vs. Blog Writing for Musicians”

How to Build a Website

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about why you should have a website. The next thing to figure out is how to build a website, especially if you don’t have much of a budget. Websites are surprisingly cheap and easy to create, and you can even get started for free.

Hannah B Flute | How to Build a Website

There are tons of website builders you can use to create your website, but I am going focus on using WordPress. I currently use WordPress, and I am super happy with it. My website is easy to customize, and I can even add and change content on the go with the WordPress app. Continue reading “How to Build a Website”