How to Create a Website on a Budget

Do you want to create a website but aren’t sure about the cost? You don’t need to worry, because you can create a website on any budget.

How to Create a Website on a Budget


While you may need to make some sacrifices, it’s possible to make a website for less than a hundred bucks. You just have to understand what will cost money and how you can save. Continue reading “How to Create a Website on a Budget”

How to Write a Blog Post (and Fast)

Want to learn how to write a blog post? You need to know the right steps. Not only can the steps help you write, but they’ll help you write a post more quickly.

How to Write a Blog Post | Hannah B Flute

Whether you want to blog weekly or less often, you need to know how to write a blog post well. That way, you can share your stuff and make sure people know your post exists. Continue reading “How to Write a Blog Post (and Fast)”

How to Brainstorm Blog Ideas

If you want to include a blog on your website, you need a way to come up with blog ideas. Not only will that help you decide how to focus your entire blog, but it can also help you brainstorm for specific posts.

How to Brainstorm Blog Ideas | Hannah B Flute

Some of the best ideas come from the questions you always hear, while others might take some research to validate. However, you can come up with ideas easily if you let yourself. Continue reading “How to Brainstorm Blog Ideas”

Blogging for Musicians: What Is SEO?

As you dive into the world of blogging, you will come across many terms that you’ve probably never heard before, like SEO. But what is SEO exactly?

What Is SEO? Blogging for Musicians | Hannah B Flute

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which can be hard to explain. Using SEO practices can help your blog posts rank better in search results, which can get you more page views and eventually more customers or clients. Continue reading “Blogging for Musicians: What Is SEO?”

Blogging for Musicians: The Best Blog Sites

As part of this Blogging for Musicians series, it’s important to talk about the best blog sites. There are many websites you can use to set up a blog, and each one works differently. Because of that, not all blog sites are worth it.

The Best Blog Sites | Hannah B Flute

I’ve used multiple blog sites to host my blog and website, but I do have my personal preference. You may find you like another site better, and that’s okay. However, the best blog sites let you do what you want to do for your entire website, including your blog. Continue reading “Blogging for Musicians: The Best Blog Sites”