Music Teacher Jobs for Music Performance Majors

Music is a tough industry, and music performance jobs are impossible to come by. That’s why a lot of performance students have been turning to music teacher jobs.

Music Teacher Jobs for Music Performance Majors | Hannah B Flute

While you shouldn’t teach music if you don’t want to, it can be helpful. That way, you can diversify your music career and do what you love. Continue reading “Music Teacher Jobs for Music Performance Majors”

How to Teach Music Lessons (for New Teachers)

Music is a competitive industry, and it can be impossible to make a living from performing alone. Many performers also need to teach music, and some musicians want to teach. If you want to be a musician, you should consider learning to teach music lessons.

How to Teach Music Lessons | Hannah B Flute

Teaching music allows you to pursue the industry more, and you don’t have to worry about getting a ton of small performing gigs. Being able to teach music lessons can help you create a successful music career. There’s no reason not to at least consider it. Continue reading “How to Teach Music Lessons (for New Teachers)”

Should You Teach a Second Instrument?

Many musicians play multiple instruments, so it makes sense to teach a second instrument. If you’re one of those multi-instrumentalists, you can use your skills on two or more of them as both a performer and teacher.

Teach a Second Instrument | Hannah B Flute

There are many reasons why you should consider teaching a second instrument. However, it might sound scary to teach a second instrument that you don’t know as well. So, should you teach more than your primary instrument? Continue reading “Should You Teach a Second Instrument?”

Do Music Blogs Matter for Classical Musicians?

While music blogs may not be as popular as food or fashion blogs, they can still be useful. Music bloggers can share tips and tricks to educate their readers. A music blogger can also use their blog to grow their overall career.

Do Music Blogs Matter for Classical Musicians? | Hannah B Flute

When done right, music blogs can be free resources for the internet. But they can still be a source of income for the blog owner. Speaking of which… Continue reading “Do Music Blogs Matter for Classical Musicians?”

Holiday Music and Musicians

When you started playing an instrument, you probably thought of all of the amazing solos you’d get to play one day. You probably didn’t think as much about the holiday music that would come up every year.

Holiday Music and Musicians | Hannah B Flute

For better or worse, holiday music plays an important role in our culture. Without music, the holidays would be boring. Continue reading “Holiday Music and Musicians”