Alto Flute Transposition Guide for Performers and Composers

Are you scared of dealing with the alto flute transposition? It’s understandable because other flutes are in concert key (maybe transposing at the octave).

Alto Flute Transposition Guide | Hannah B Flute

But the alto flute is a fun instrument to play and to write for. So here’s a guide on how to transpose for the instrument whether you’re a player or composer.

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PFA-201S: Pearl Alto Flute Review

Do you want to explore a different part in flute choir or play some lower notes? You might want to buy a Pearl alto flute, like the PFA-201S.

PFA-201: Pearl Alto Flute Review | Hannah B Flute

It’s an affordable, durable option that can sound great. However, don’t rush to buy it without determining if it will be a good purchase for you.

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Best Alto Flute Brands to Consider

If you’re looking for your first or next alto flute, you should know what alto flute brands to look for. Then, you can find an instrument that meets your needs.

Best Alto Flute Brands | Hannah B Flute

There are tons of alto flutes out there, and it can be hard to determine which is the right one for you. So read on to learn about some popular brands to get your search going.

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Alto Flute Headjoint: Straight vs. Curved

For awhile, many flute players learned the flute and piccolo, and that was that. But now that the alto flute is gaining popularity, more flutist have to choose the right alto flute headjoint for them.

Hannah B Flute | Alto Flute Headjoint: Straight vs. Curved

Whether you like the sound of a straight headjoint or the comfort of the curve, it’s an important decision to make. Because unfortunately, it’s not always easy to buy another headjoint, especially for low flutes. Continue reading “Alto Flute Headjoint: Straight vs. Curved”