Trevor Wye Alto Flute Book Review

Do you want to learn a bit about your new alto flute? You might want to buy a copy of the Trevor Wye alto flute book.

Trevor Wye Alto Flute Book Review | Hannah B Flute

I’ve had this book since I got my alto, and I love it. It’s not perfect, but there are some great things to help you get started.

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What Is the Trevor Wye Alto Flute Book?

The Trevor Wye Alto Flute Practice Book is a great resource for the alto. It contains a few exercises and some pages of written material. However, most of the book focuses on orchestral excerpts.

That’s right, while there isn’t a ton of music for it, there are some alto flute parts in the orchestra. This book is useful for when you have a bit of flute skills, so it’s not the best for a beginner. But beginners don’t usually start on the alto flute anyway.

How to Use the Trevor Wye Alto Flute Book

If you think the Trevor Wye alto flute book is for you, give it a try. You can use the book for multiple things to help make the most of it.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use the book.

Learn About the Alto Flute

The Trevor Wye book contains a few written pages on the alto. You can learn about the range, size, scale, and more. I like how the pages are easy to read through and have a nice structure.

Not only that, but you can read a bit about the bass flute and the flute d’amore (between the C and alto flutes). There’s a little section on other low flutes, such as contra-altos and contrabasses as well.

This book isn’t as detailed as some other options. If you want to learn more, I’d suggest books and materials such as the Alto Flute Method.

Practice Orchestral Excerpts

The bulk of Trevor Wye and Patricia Morris’s alto flute book is orchestral excerpts. You’ll find some standards, such as the solos from Holst’s The Planets or Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring.

However, there are some other excerpts there as well. I didn’t know about most of the pieces before I first saw the solos in this book.

If you want to go into orchestral performance, this book is helpful. That way, you’ll be able to prepare for most auditions far ahead of time.

Discover New Music

The Alto Flute Practice Book also contains a list of alto flute repertoire. You can find solo and accompanied works, and there are some pieces for flute and alto flute.

Of course, you’ll also learn of the orchestral pieces that use alto flute. Even if you don’t get to play them, you can listen to recordings online.

Unfortunately, the book is from 1995. I’m sure that plenty of new alto flute music exists that composers published after this book came out.

Who This Alto Flute Book Is For

This alto flute book is a nice resource, and I like having it in my library. However, it’s not necessary for everyone.

Here are a few types of people who would benefit from owning a copy.

Alto Flute Specialists

More and more flute players are starting to fall in love with low flutes. If you play the alto flute as your main instrument, you might want to get this book.

While it’s not perfect, it has a lot of good information. You can use it as a starting point to choosing repertoire to learn.

Whether you plan to play in an orchestra or not, it’s good to have a list of some pieces you can learn. Then, you won’t have to search far and wide for something new to practice.

Orchestral Piccolo Players

It may seem odd, but I’d also recommend this book for piccoloists. Some orchestral piccolo parts involve a bit of alto flute. And even if the parts don’t, you may need to play alto on a few pieces.

If you have the Trevor Wye book, you can learn some excerpts before you get assigned an alto part. Then, if you do have to play alto in the orchestra, you might already know some of the music.

Not all orchestras will use the alto flute. But when it happens, it’s good to have one and know how to play it. That can set you apart from other piccolo players or flute subs as well.

General Flute Players

Maybe you don’t specialize in the piccolo or alto flute, but you like playing the C flute. Adding the alto flute to your practice routine can be a great choice.

You’ll get to play different parts in ensembles. And you can explore the low range a bit more than on your regular flute.

Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with the alto. You then could choose to specialize in it.

Who This Alto Flute Book Isn’t For

While the Trevor Wye Alto Flute Practice Book is great, not everyone needs it. Before you buy a copy, consider how it can help you.

If you fall into the following groups, you don’t need the book.

Flute Beginners

I’d recommend playing the flute for a while before you add the alto flute. You want to make sure you understand how to hold the instrument and how to form your embouchure.

If you’re still learning those things, stick to the C flute. In a year or two, you can think about learning the alto flute.

But it’s better to get good at the C flute first. Then, learning the alto flute (when you’re ready) will be a bit easier.

Jazz Players

Even if you’ve played the flute for a while, consider the style you play. This alto flute book is great for classical music. If you prefer jazz, you’ll want to find some other resource to use.

Sure, you can use the orchestral excerpts as exercises. Then, you can work on your tone and technique.

However, you’ll still probably be better off getting a jazz book. That way, you can focus on jazz fundamentals on your alto flute.

Is the Trevor Wye Alto Flute Book Expensive?

The Trevor Wye alto flute book isn’t too expensive. It’s about the same as the cost of other method books.

Where Can You Buy the Book?

You can find the alto flute book online and from various music and flute shops. If you want a used copy, you might find one in a sale group on social media.

Will You Use the Trevor Wye Alto Flute Book?

I loved getting the Trevor Wye Alto Flute book when I first started playing the alto flute. It helped me learn some of the basics.

Plus, I love how it has some orchestral excerpts. If you want even more alto flute music, head to Flute Files to view the selection of alto flute arrangements.

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