Gifts for Musicians 2021

What are the best gifts for musicians? Well, that depends on the musician you ask. Some people may prefer certain gifts over others.

Best Gifts for Musicians 2021 | Hannah B Flute

Before you buy a gift for a musician you know, consider a few ideas. Then, figure out what that musician would want. Here are a few gift ideas to get you started.

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Sheet Music

One of the best gifts for musicians is sheet music. This could include a new method book, a solo piece, or an excerpt book. If you want to buy sheet music for a musician, be sure to ask them what they need or want.

That way, you can keep from buying music that they already own. And you won’t have to risk buying music that they won’t play or that’s too difficult for them.

If you’re a musician buying sheet music for yourself, you can think about what you like to play. Then, you can add the sheet music to your holiday wish list, or you can buy it for yourself.

Music Stand

With the exception of vocalists and pianists, every musician needs a good music stand. Even if the musician you know has a foldable stand, they can always use an upgrade.

The foldable stands are affordable, but they aren’t the most durable. You can’t put a ton of music on it without the risk of it falling down. Consider if the musician in your life has a good music stand.

If you’re a musician in need of a new music stand, add it to your wish list. You can even link to one that you want so that your non-musician relatives know which one to get.

Music Bag

Another one of the best gifts for musicians is a music bag or an instrument bag. I have a Fluterscooter bag that I use and love, and it’s perfect for holding my flute, piccolo, and some accessories.

But bags don’t make sense for all instruments. For example, a pianist can’t carry their instrument around. So you might choose to get a piano player a nice tote bag to hold their sheet music.

Whether you get someone a music bag or ask for one, look for a good quality one. That way, you can make sure it will hold up with a lot of use. Otherwise, you’ll just need another bag soon.


I’ve written a lot about how I love using an iPad for sheet music. Of course, if you or a musician you know doesn’t have an iPad, that can make a great gift. I use a regular iPad, and it works well for me.

However, I know some musicians who prefer to read off the larger iPad Pro. Both models can be great for musicians. If you’re shopping for someone else, ask them which they’d prefer.

And if you’re looking to get an iPad yourself, compare the regular and pro models. That way, you can select the best tablet for your needs.

iPad Accessories

Maybe you or a musician you know already has an iPad. The next best gift to consider is an accessory or two for that tablet. You can get a few things, such as:

  • iPad case
  • Apple Pencil
  • iPad charger

Having a few accessories can help make the iPad more useful. For example, an iPad case can protect the device. And an Apple Pencil will make it easier to annotate digital sheet music files.

forScore and More

And if you or someone you know already has a good set of iPad accessories, I have a new digital guide. forScore and More teaches how to choose the best iPad to use, which iPad apps to use, and everything else to get started.

If you already use an iPad, you can learn how to use it more efficiently. Then, you’ll be able to make the most of your practice time.

Since it’s a digital download, you don’t have to wait on shipping. So if you’re shopping last-minute, you can get an excellent gift for yourself or someone you love.

What Are Your Favorite Gifts for Musicians?

When shopping for gifts for musicians, you have a lot to consider. If you’re a musician yourself, you know that you need some special accessories. So consider what could help you play or practice better.

And if you’re not a musician, ask the musicians you know what they’d like. Then, consult a good gift guide for musicians. That way, you can choose a gift that they’ll remember.

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