How to Fly With a Flute

As the world opens up, more musicians are starting to travel with their instruments. If you’re looking to fly with a flute, you need to take some precautions to protect it.

How to Fly With a Flute | Hannah B Flute

That way, you can enjoy your trip, and you won’t be stressing about losing it or having someone steal it. And you won’t have to switch flights to avoid checking your flute.

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How to Buy a Used Flute

As a flute/piccolo/alto flute player, I have a lot of instruments. And those instruments didn’t come cheap. Because of that, I know how important it is to know how to buy a used flute.

Hannah B Flute | How to Buy a Used Flute

While I am the first owner of all of my current instruments, I have played used flutes in the past. They can be an excellent way to save money on an instrument. Continue reading “How to Buy a Used Flute”

Starting the Flute: Your Financial Guide

Starting the flute can be overwhelming. There are so many instruments to choose from, and they can be expensive. But starting the flute doesn’t have to be that hard.

Hannah B Flute | Starting the Flute: Your Financial Guide

Of course, you need a good instrument and some accessories. And if you have the determination to start, you can do so and save some money in the process. Continue reading “Starting the Flute: Your Financial Guide”