How to Combat Dry Lips

Imagine this…you just got out of a meeting or class and you have some time to practice flute. So you head to a practice room, put your flute together, and realize that your dry lips don’t feel so good.

Hannah B Flute | How to Combat Dry Lips

We all struggle with dry lips at some point. But as flute players, it’s important to know how to self-treat your dry lips so you can get back to playing. Continue reading “How to Combat Dry Lips”

How to Double Tongue Faster

Saint-Saëns’ Volière. Mendelssohn’s Scherzo. And for piccolo players: Rossini’s Semiramide. These excerpts all involve fast notes and a clean articulation. If you want to play these solos successfully, you have to know how to double tongue.

How to Double Tongue Faster | Hannah B Flute

Tonguing is part of life as a flutist. And being able to use your tongue in different ways will help your technique and playing ability.  If you’re sick of having to play things under tempo, you have to learn how to double tongue!

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How to Save Money on a Flute

School is coming up next month, and that means a lot of you are probably thinking about buying a flute. But they can be expensive. I have plenty of flute-buying experience, so I have some juicy tips to help you save money on a flute.

Hannah B Flute | How to Save Money on a Flute

Yes, instruments can be expensive, but you shouldn’t pay more than you have to. If you know what kind of flute you’re looking for, that can help. Continue reading “How to Save Money on a Flute”

How to Practice Music Well

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional musician, you need to practice music. Let me rephrase that. You need to practice music well.

Hannah B Flute | How to Practice Music Well

In our busy lives, it can be hard to practice “enough.” But if you know how to practice music efficiently, you won’t feel like you have to practice as much to get the same results. Continue reading “How to Practice Music Well”