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Do you want to diversify your repertoire to beef up your music library? Have you been looking for music by women composers?

How about pieces that are fun to play and listenable?

All from a composer who understands the difference between flute and piccolo. Someone who pays attention to the specific problems and quirks associated with the flute and other members of the flute family.

Welcome to Flute Files.

Here, you’ll find:

  • Solo pieces for flute by a woman composer
  • A few extended techniques but not overdone
  • Intermediate level repertoire that’s not overly challenging
  • A diversity of pieces available

You won’t find:

  • Music that’s overly difficult
  • The most extra 100% nonsensical extended techniques
  • Lots of traditional happening
  • Music that’s boring to a lot of young musicians

Now, it’s your turn.

Flute Files is a virtual store full of digital downloads for flute students and flute teachers. The store includes workbooks, guides, sheet music, and more.

New resources are added regularly, so please come back if you don’t see what you’re looking for! You can also leave any requests you have here.

You can find Flute Files for beginners, professionals, and every flutist in between. The goal of this shop is to be accessible and to help flute players like you feel better about their musical lives.

I hope you enjoy these Flute Files!

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Danse Macabre (Flute Quartet)

Danse Macabre is one of my favorite works from Saint-Saens. Now, you can play this spooky classic for mixed flute quartet: 2 C flutes, alto flute, and bass flute. I … Continue reading “Danse Macabre (Flute Quartet)”

Variations on Danse Macabre for Flute

Danse Macabre is one of the spookiest, most famous orchestral works. But if you don’t have an orchestra to play with, you can play a flute version. I arranged Variations … Continue reading “Variations on Danse Macabre for Flute”

Studies on Carnival of the Animals for Flute

Do you love the Carnival of the Animals? You should learn some of the movements on your flute! These studies make it easy to learn to play the following movements: … Continue reading “Studies on Carnival of the Animals for Flute”

18th Century Flute Solos (Transposed for Alto Flute)

Many flute players have learned some 18th century flute solos. The Telemann Fantasias, the Partita by J.S. Bach, and his son C.P.E. Bach’s sonata are all great. But if you … Continue reading “18th Century Flute Solos (Transposed for Alto Flute)”

J.S. Bach 15 Inventions for 2 Flutes

Are you looking for some fun flute duets? If you’re a fan of Baroque music, you’ll love this adaptation of 15 Inventions by J.S. Bach. The pieces were originally for … Continue reading “J.S. Bach 15 Inventions for 2 Flutes”

C.P.E. Bach Sonata in A Minor (for Alto Flute)

The C.P.E. Bach Sonata in A Minor is a significant unaccompanied work for the flute. It’s also an excellent piece to play on the alto flute. And sure, you could … Continue reading “C.P.E. Bach Sonata in A Minor (for Alto Flute)”

Mozart Quartet in D (for Flute Quartet)

Do you love the famous Mozart Quartet in D? The piece was written for flute, violin, viola, and cello. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t know any … Continue reading “Mozart Quartet in D (for Flute Quartet)”

Telemann 12 Fantasias (for Alto Flute)

Do you love playing the Telemann Fantasias for Flute? Would you like to play them on alto without them sounding in the incorrect keys? Now’s your chance to download a … Continue reading “Telemann 12 Fantasias (for Alto Flute)”

J.S. Bach Partita for Solo Flute (Alto Flute)

Have you played the J.S. Bach Partita for Solo Flute? Do you want to play the same piece on the alto flute? While you can use the standard version, it … Continue reading “J.S. Bach Partita for Solo Flute (Alto Flute)”

Original Works

Piccolo Picks: Etudes for Piccolo

Are you looking for original etudes for piccolo? I’ve got you covered with a set of six studies (and a bonus arrangement). There are tons of flute etudes, and some … Continue reading “Piccolo Picks: Etudes for Piccolo”

Mythic for Solo Alto Flute

I wrote Mythic for the solo alto flute to expand my composing skills. I’ve always loved mermaids and other mythical creatures. So those served as the inspiration for this short, … Continue reading “Mythic for Solo Alto Flute”

Gadgets and Gizmos for Solo Flute

Gadgets and Gizmos. We all use our gadgets every day to connect with one another. And with gadgets often come gizmos. Enter a two-movement work for solo flute. I wrote … Continue reading “Gadgets and Gizmos for Solo Flute”

12 Flute-y Etudes

Are you tired of all of the tried and true flute studies? Do you want something to challenge your or your students? How about something written by a woman composer? … Continue reading “12 Flute-y Etudes”

Practice Guides

C.P.E. Bach Sonata in A Minor (Sheet Music and Practice Guide)

The C.P.E. Bach Sonata in A Minor is an underrated solo flute piece. But that means a lot of players don’t get to learn it while in school. This happened … Continue reading “C.P.E. Bach Sonata in A Minor (Sheet Music and Practice Guide)”

J.S. Bach Partita in A Minor (Sheet Music and Practice Guide)

The J.S. Bach Partita in A Minor is a huge part of the flute repertoire. But tackling this piece is far from easy. Even non-musicians can tell just by listening … Continue reading “J.S. Bach Partita in A Minor (Sheet Music and Practice Guide)”

Guides and eBooks

The Ultimate Flute Notation Guide

“This book is terribly arranged.” “That is just poor writing and is inexcusable.” “This is simply a case where the composer/arranger didn’t know what they were doing.” These are all … Continue reading “The Ultimate Flute Notation Guide”

Musician’s Guide to Composing and Arranging

Do you want to beef up your music library? Do you waste a lot of time looking for new solos for yourself or your students? Consider learning to compose and … Continue reading “Musician’s Guide to Composing and Arranging”

Time Management for Busy Musicians

Time management for busy musicians may seem impossible. But if you have the skills and knowledge, you can make the most of your time. Whether you struggle to practice “enough” … Continue reading “Time Management for Busy Musicians”

forScore and More

I created forScore and More to help musicians learn how to effectively use their iPads to practice, perform, teach, and compose. Going digital doesn’t have to be hard. During grad … Continue reading “forScore and More”

The Busy Musician’s Practice Bundle

Do you struggle to practice productively? Do you have to spend hours in a practice room without getting much done? Are you ready for a life of freedom where you … Continue reading “The Busy Musician’s Practice Bundle”

The Ultimate Guide to Learning Flute Online

Learning flute online can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. There are TONS of free and paid resources that you can use to improve your flute playing. Whether … Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Learning Flute Online”

For Teachers

Where to Teach Workbook

Start teaching private music lessons this month without missing a beat. What if you could start teaching private lessons this month, even without any experience? With the Where to Teach … Continue reading “Where to Teach Workbook”

The Freelance Solution

Do you want to be a freelancer? Have you been focusing too much on the downsides of freelancing to even start your career? You need The Freelance Solution! The Freelance … Continue reading “The Freelance Solution”

Important Flute Repertoire

The flute is one of the oldest instruments, so there’s a lot of flute repertoire out there for all members of the flute family. However, a lot of those works … Continue reading “Important Flute Repertoire”


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