Papers in College

In my experience, you have to write quite a few papers in college. They might be short, or they might be long. Here, I am going to explain how I approach writing a paper in college.

First, I need to have a topic. Sometimes, I am assigned a topic, but lately I have had my choice with topics as long as they fit the class. Once I know my topic, I start researching and figuring out what to include in my paper. I also keep a record of the sources that I have come across by logging them in a note in OneNote. After I have a good idea of the content I want to include in my paper, I write an outline. I don’t always follow it exactly, but it serves as a guide and a way to organize the subject. Then I write the first draft. I don’t write for too long at a time, because there comes a point with anything where I will not be productive. I come back to my paper later, occasionally giving it a couple days. I skim through what is already written, and add what feels right. Sometimes I do some more research while I am writing to clear up anything that I am unsure of and to find sources that back up claims that I find myself making.
Once I am done, I have a friend or family member look at it, make any changes they recommend, and then I am done.
That’s how I write a paper in college.
Thanks for reading!

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