Music Arranging and Composing

I’m the flute music arranging specialist you never knew you needed.

Is diversifying your rep important to you? Maybe you’re looking for works by composers that identify as female or LGBTQ+?

Are you looking for works specifically for solo flute? Or maybe a flute ensemble?

I totally get it.

Here’s where I come in:

The flute rep is full of music by dead white males, and that’s great. But it can get a bit boring if you don’t incorporate newer compositions into your playing or your teaching studio.

It’s time to ditch the old stuff and add something new to your music library.

Musicians are busier than ever, from gigging and teaching to handling administrative work. It can be easy to just fall into a rotation of the same ol’, same ol’ flute music.

That’s what I’m here for: a flutist-turned-composer with a passion for revitalizing the flute repertoire.

Commission Me

  • I’ll work with you to plan the solo or chamber piece of your dreams
  • Commissions can be for original works or arrangements of public domain pieces
  • You’ll receive a digital copy of the score and parts
  • I will send a digital rendering of the final work
  • Pricing per minute per part

Join a Consortium

  • I’ll plan a project for an original work
  • No limit to how many people can contribute
  • Multiple pricing tiers will be available (including for teachers and students)
  • Benefits vary between projects
  • My goal is to have at least one or two per year

The Creative Process

My music arranging and composing process can vary from one project to the next. When I’m arranging music, I’ll review the score to determine the best instrumentation.

Then, I will start assigning parts, such as the melody and bass line. As I work through the piece, I’ll listen back to make sure everything sounds good and adjust as needed.

If I’m composing an original piece, I’ll pull out my flute and start improvising. That’s right, the music comes from playing the instrument.

I usually write the melody first, and I’ll go back in to add harmonies and to assign the melody to different parts throughout the piece.

No matter the project, I’ll give it a final listen before exporting the music and audio. If it’s a solo flute piece, I’ll play through it to make sure everything checks out.

Music Arranging FAQs

Still unsure if you should work with a music arranger? Here are some common questions and their answers!

What’s your composition background?

I first started composing music in high school as part of my school’s band program. In college, I took a semester of music composition.

While I didn’t major in comp, my two flute performance degrees helped me learn about the instrument. I use that experience to write and arrange music.

What instruments do you write for?

I write for common members of the concert flute family (flute, piccolo, alto, bass, contrabass). In an ensemble with flutes, I write for other woodwind instruments.

I believe it’s important for music to work for the performer. Because of that, I only write for instruments I’ve played before and/or have a good understanding of.

Why don’t you write for just any instrument?

I’ve come across enough terribly arranged flute and piccolo parts to know that I want to stay in my lane. Since I’m a flute player, I can write flute parts that will be practical yet fun to play.

If you want to commission a piece for another instrument, I can refer you to another composer.

Do you record tracks of your music?

I can record flute, piccolo, and alto flute tracks of commissions for an extra fee. Learn more about my remote recording services.

Can I listen to more of your work?

Absolutely! You can check out some recordings of my work on my YouTube channel.

What’s your turnaround time?

The turnaround time depends on the scope of the piece. Please contact me with the details of your project for more information.

How much do you charge?

The price for commissions and other music arranging projects varies. Please contact me with the details of your project for more information.

I’m on a budget but want to support you. What can I do?

I totally get being tight on cash, so I gotchu. A consortium is the best option to support the creation of new music. Follow me on Instagram so that you don’t miss consortium announcements!

If you can’t wait, head to my online shop to browse my existing music.

Are you ready to get started?