Why I’m not a Music Ed Major

A few posts ago, I wrote a bit about the different degree programs for music students, one of which is music education. In my personal life, I get asked a lot if my major is music education, and here I am going to explain why it is not and why I don’t think that it could be.

First off, I go to a university that is known for its teacher program. I have met a lot of future teachers, and for the most part, they seem like they will be great with their future students. I would love to teach music, but I don’t see myself running a classroom. I would rather have my own music studio where I teach private lessons on flute and possibly some other instruments or parts of music.
Also, my university’s music ed degree program certifies you to teach music at both the elementary level as well as band, orchestra, and choir. With the exception of elementary, none of this appeals to me. I believe that I would not be a good teacher in this situation, and I also know that the type of teacher can make a difference in what someone thinks about music and whether or not they will keep up with it. I want to make an impact on the next generation of musicians, but I would much prefer to do that by teaching lessons in a studio outside of the school system.
My dream would be to have my own private studio where I can teach flute, maybe some other woodwinds. I know that my career choice is not the most stable, but I would rather be happy than rich, and I will explain more later on the specifics of my career goal.
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