Should Music Be a Part of the Core Curriculum?

I do not believe that it should. Now, as a music major, it may shock some people that I don’t think music should be a required class. “I had a blast in music, so why wouldn’t everyone else?” I think that if music was a required class (past the 30 minutes of music a week required in elementary school), many people would not enjoy it. I really did not like art class for this reason. At my elementary school, everyone had to take music, PE, art, and library. I really liked music, because I have always been musically inclined, and I found it a lot easier than some of my peers. Some of my classmates preferred PE, others preferred art, and some-like me-preferred music. That is okay.
I love that the recent passing of the Every Child Achieves Act will give more kids access to quality music education. I think that every child should have the opportunity to experience a class where they can express themselves. What I don’t like about the idea of music as a core subject is the fact that it could easily become watered down and boring. In my elementary school art class, we were given an assignment, and everyone had to do it the exact same way. That is not art, and in my opinion, that is not fun. I feel like if music was required by everyone, it would become like my elementary art class. The students who already weren’t that passionate about it would hate having to take it and hate having to do something that was bland enough to accommodate the students with little to no music skills. The students with an interest in music might lose that interest, because an ensemble might have to play more beginner repertoire, and they would not get the challenge they deserve.
Don’t get me wrong, I am all for arts education. I think that music, theatre, and visual arts are important for giving kids a creative outlet, but we should not require students to participate in an activity that does nothing for them. Especially not if it sacrifices the music education of students who do have a knack for singing or playing an instrument.
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What’s your opinion on the matter? Should music be a core subject or an elective?
Whether you agree or disagree with me, I would love to start a conversation on the topic of music education, so comment below!

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