Posting Schedule for the Spring + New Etsy Shop!

Blogging in college is hard. I love it, but as a music major, I have quite a bit of stuff to do during the semester. This spring will be especially difficult with everything from Ear Training & Sight Singing 4 (?!) to working on preparing for my junior recital in the fall. I want to spend as much time as I can on this blog as well as my Etsy shop, which you can find in the sidebar and by clicking on “Shop My Stuff” across the top.

I plan on blogging as much as I can in the next four months, but with school, that might not be as feasible as it has been over my winter break. I have been pre-writing, editing, and uploading posts for a while. I have quite a few ready to go, in fact this post was pre-written. I would like to be able to have two posts a week, but if that is not something that I can do without sacrificing my school work, then I will have to stick to one post per week. I want to be able to provide quality content rather than a bunch of half-a**ed pieces of writing. I want to address this before school starts back up and things get crazy. You can almost surely expect a post from me each Monday, and unless something comes up, I should also have something on Thursdays. I won’t promise anything else as I am not sure if I can do more than that, but those are my goals. I will probably have more time to post regularly in the summer, so hopefully, that can make up for anything I don’t get done during the spring. Believe me, I have a ton of plans for summer-related content, but maybe that’s because I’m already daydreaming of warm weather…
Another exciting thing that I want to announce is the launch of my Etsy shop! I briefly mentioned it at the beginning of this post, but here is the part where I explain it further. (Yay? Yay.) So, I have been thinking about ways to take my blog to the next level. Yeah, I love writing, but I also enjoy creating other types of content to help out my fellow college students, musicians, job hunters… So, that is why I have opened a shop on Etsy where I am selling different kinds of academic and general organization printables. I have a few items in stock now, but I hope to add more soon. Check it out by clicking “Shop My Stuff”!
If you want to keep up with me daily, follow me on Twitter (at)itskillerharm and Instagram (at)killerharmony. You can also subscribe to email updates in the sidebar, and be sure to leave a comment with a request for either a blog post or a printable!
Thanks for reading, and I hope you understand!

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