An Extra Day…How Are You Spending It?

I mean, if you are in school or you work on Mondays, you are probably doing that today. I think it’s kind of amazing how every four years we gain a day. I mean, time doesn’t work that way? Or does it?
I have always been fascinated with things related to time. I love learning about time zones and daylight saving (no “s” on the end), and leap years. If you have never heard about the reasoning behind why we have this special day every four years, welcome to the shortened version.
Basically, it started when Pope Gregory XIV decided that the Julian calendar needed some adjusting. It was around that time that scientists realized that the Earth’s rotation was not equal to 365 days. It was about 6 hours more than that. So, every four years, we add a day in the Gregorian calendar.
Well, now that you know why we have this special day, how are you spending it? Let me know in the comments! I will be spending this day in school, rehearsals, you know. On Thursday, I will return to your regularly scheduled blog content.
Thanks for reading!

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