How to Get Through a Mid-Semester Hump

*Cue “My Humps”*
If you are in school, you definitely know the feeling of coming up to midterms and wanting to be done with the entire semester. I get you, midterms are not fun. The middle of the semester can be pretty annoying, especially the spring semester, because you’re this close | | to spring break, except that little space of time is filled with a ton of stress. If you are wanting to figure out how to get through the hump day of the entire semester, keep on reading.
Get (and use) a planner. One of the first things I like to do with anything that I know is going to be stressful is to use my planner. I write down any tests that I have, any major assignments that are due, any meetings or appointments; I make sure to write it all down. Using a paper planner has multiple benefits, more of which you can check out here. I like to write things down, because it makes them easier to remember. I also like to write things down, because then you can schedule times to study or work on different things. Doing that can lower your stress level and show you that your work load is not as bad as it may seem.
Take some time for yourself. Whether you take a spa day, a movie day, or you spend some time with friends, taking time to do something for you will help get your mind off of all of your school worries. I love spending time doing something I enjoy, because it breaks up the monotony of doing schoolwork.
Don’t procrastinate. I know it sounds impossible, but you can do it. It will feel so much better to be done with assignments and studying earlier rather than later. I know that my stress level increases exponentially when I procrastinate. I don’t like scrambling at the last minute to get things done. You probably don’t like scrambling at the last minute to get things done. Don’t put yourself in that position. You can thank me later.
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