Holiday Wishlist Ideas 2016

Christmas and Hanukkah are both two and a half weeks away. So, that means that if you haven’t already, it’s time to start getting your wishlist together. There are some items that I think are perfect for college students and new graduates should definitely ask for. So, that is what I will be listing for you today.

Killer Harmony | With quite a few holidays coming up soon, it's time to nail down your wishlist. Here are some ideas for college students who can't think of anything.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or another winter holiday, here are some ideas to add to your wishlist?

Money/Gift Cards

This is probably self explanatory, but money and gift cards are a college student’s dream. Unless you have a really good part time job or were born into a rich family, you are not going to have a ton of money. Asking for money of gift cards such as Visa or to places you visit regularly is a great way to avoid having to spend the money you do make.

Textbooks/School Supplies

Now, I know that textbooks are not the most interesting gift, but getting them as a gift can really take some of the weight off of your bank account for next semester. Even if you ask for a smaller book or just new school supplies, it can still make a dent in the cost of school.

A Planner

This could fall under the same section as school supplies, but I like to use my planner for more than just school. I love Erin Condren planners; I have used the Life Planner, and I am asking for the Deluxe Monthly Planner for a change. There are tons of other options that you can ask for on Etsy, Amazon and in stores. A simple Google search can help you decide what planner might be best for you.


If you need a new computer or other electronic device, getting as a gift is perfect. Computers, cameras and phones can easily get really expensive, so you can save a lot of money if you get it as a gift.

You can go online and figure out what model you want and add that to you list for whoever you give your list to.

Degree-Specific Supplies

I know I have put a lot of school related items in here, but school can get expensive! So, why not ask for things you need for your major. For art majors that could mean new art supplies. For English majors that could be a new journal. Design majors could ask for an Adobe subscription. As a music major, I have asked for instrument stands and sheet music.

Hobby STuff

In college, you gotta have some fun! So, ask for something that could fill your free time and maybe start a new hobby. This could be knitting needles and yarn, scrapbook supplies, a camera, or whatever you are interested in. Maybe there’s a book you have been wanting to read for awhile. You could even ask for a web hosting subscription to start a blog! (affiliate-I recommend SiteGround) I am asking for a Nintendo DS, because *nerd* :).

So, what’s on your holiday wishlist this year? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to catch up with my latest post and follow me on Twitter (@HannahHaefele) so you don’t miss future posts!

Thanks for reading!

Killer Harmony | With quite a few holidays coming up soon, it's time to nail down your wishlist. Here are some ideas for college students who can't think of anything.


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