Classical Music in the Modern World

Note: In this post, any reference to classical music will encompass music of the classical western tradition, typically from Baroque to contemporary classical music.

In the age of popular music, it can be easy to forget the art of classical music. This form has all but gone away from mainstream culture. There is a small group of classical music fans, but most of its admirers are musicians.

Killer Harmony | Classical Music Today | Classical music has lost popularity over time. So called popular music has taken its place. But there are ways that you can support classical music today.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I am definitely not saying that we should ignore popular music, but I believe that classical music should also have a place on the radio and in mainstream media.

There is at least one thing you can do to propel the development of classical music, no matter your musical background (or lack thereof).

See the Local Symphony

One easy way to support classical music is to go see your local symphony orchestra. Most major cities have them, and so do a few smaller towns. You can find information on area orchestras online. Look through the website of your town for information. Or find a university symphony.

Going to concerts is a simple way to support the arts. You don’t have to be a musicians yourself to do this. You can make it a family event or a date, or whatever you choose. Many symphonies have a varied season of concerts that will appeal to everyone.

You should be able to find something.

Buy Recordings…

And play them! Purchasing music from today’s classical music will allow these artists to continue their careers and spread the love of classical music. And don’t forget to play those recordings. Classical music is great to have on in the background when working, cooking, or just hanging out.

If you or your child wants to play an instrument, listening to music will help raise interest and motivation. Buy recordings of instruments that you like. Then you can get a glimpse at the possibilities of playing music.

You can purchase CDs or even digital recordings from iTunes or a musician’s website. These recordings are an amazing way to support independent artists, too.

I plan on recording some music in the near future, and I plan on releasing it here!

Read About Classical Music/Musicians

Many biographies and autobiographies have been written about classical musicians and their craft. Reading their stories can inspire you to go and listen or make classical music. It is also a great way to figure out what about music interests you.

Reading the stories of great classical musicians allows you to learn more about how music can change lives.

Also, find some other books on music. I love the book Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks. It talks about how music affects the brain. It is truly an amazing book. If you want to sing or play a Wind instrument, The Singer’s Companion by Brent Monahan is also a must read.

Donate to Organizations that Support Music

If your budget allows, add some music organizations to your list of places to donate. Groups such as the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) that support music and music education are especially important. With the new administration’s lack of support for arts and arts education, our support is all the more necessary.

Some students would not attend school if it weren’t for music. Music literally saves lives, and we need all the help we can get to continue teaching generations of musicians.

Start Playing Music Yourself

If you are interested and have the resources, try your hand at an instrument (or voice). You can start on a student model instrument and even rent your first one. Then you won’t have to commit to purchasing or continuing with the instrument if it doesn’t work out.

Be sure to test a couple different instrument (such as flute vs clarinet) to see which is more natural for you. Obviously, it will be easier to keep up with something you like, but give other instruments a try. You never know what might come of it.

You can learn from books or take lessons from a private teacher to help you through your studies. It will take awhile before you can break out the Bach sonatas or Mozart concertos, and that’s okay. Simply learning an instrument will benefit you as much as it will benefit the music world.


What are you going to do to support classical music in the modern world? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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