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Facebook has gotten a bad rap with a lot of people. They are constantly changing the new feed algorithm to manipulate which posts you see. Facebook also isn’t as popular as other social media platforms.

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There is one thing that Facebook excels in: groups. Facebook groups work similarly to online forums, except you can use your Facebook profile. I am a member of quite a few Facebook groups for flutists, and I love being able to ask questions and share my insights with others.

Not every flute group will benefit every flutist, so in today’s post, I am going to give a brief description of each group. I will also include the type of flutist that I think would benefit from each group.

Flute Forum

I have to start with what is possibly the biggest flute group on Facebook. Flute Forum is a public group, which means you don’t need to be a member to see posts and comments. You do need to be a member to post your own questions and comments.

This group is run by a couple guys at Weissman Music in New York. They offer repair services as well as flute sales. Because of this, you will see sales pitches from time to time, but the majority of posts are from forum members.

Perfect for: any flutist looking to connect with others online

Not for: people who do not want to ask or answer questions

Join here.

New Again Flutist

This group used to be known as Facebook Flutist Network. A few months ago, the admins decided to make it a place for flutists who were returning to the instrument after a hiatus.

You can find and share tips for returning flute players as well as get help and advice from some of the pros. While I am not a returning flutist, I love getting to share tips and tricks with one of my favorite groups of flute players.

This is a closed group, meaning you can only see posts if you are a member.

Perfect for: flutists returning to the flute, pros looking to give advice

Not for: long time flutists who do not want to answer questions

Join here.

Flutist Facebook Association

This group is a great place to share recordings, articles, and other promotions with other flutists. It is a small group, and it is closed, but it is a good place to learn about up and coming flutists.

You can find new musicians to follow, and you can share your own work. This is not the most popular group, but it is a good outlet for sharing and finding other flutists.

Perfect for: flutists looking to find other musicians and share their work

Not for: asking a ton of questions

Join here.

Flute Players International

This group functions similarly to Flutist Facebook Association, except it is a public group. You can share posts as with FFA, but people do not have to be members to see your posts.

You can find new and emerging flutists and share your own recordings and works with others. Flutists from all over the world can share their stuff here, and you can learn from all of them.

Perfect for: sharing your work and finding new flutists to follow

Not for: asking a ton of questions

Join here.

Flute Tips Group

This group is for sharing and learning tips for the flute. Ads are not allowed in this group, so you can be sure that you are getting good tips, no strings attached. The group is not as active as some, but it fills a nice niche.

Most of the posts are people sharing tips, but you can also ask others for tips and solutions to problems. This group is a public group, so you can see the posts without being a member.

Perfect for: finding and sharing flute related tips

Not for: selling or promoting products, services, etc.

Join here.

Piccolo Page

If you play piccolo or want to learn about it, this is the group for you. It was based on the concept of Flute Forum, but it’s for piccolo. The group is still small and not very active, but it is a good resource for new piccolo players.

It is a public group, so you can check it out to see what sorts of posts are shared before you ask to join. A lot of the bigger flute groups can get bogged down, and Piccolo Page fills a void just for piccolo players.

Perfect for: piccolo players and enthusiasts

Not for: flutists who have not interest in the piccolo

Join here.

Low Flutes

Just as Piccolo Page exists for piccolo players, the group Low Flutes was started for flutists who also play alto, bass, and other flutes below than the concert flute.

The group, which is public, is run by Chris Potter, one of the most influential low flutes specialists. As with other groups, you can post questions, comments, and share links to performances and other works. If you are looking into alto and/or bass flute, this group is a great resource!

Perfect for: flutists looking to learn alto and bass flutes

Not for: flutists who aren’t interested in the low flutes

Join here.

Flutes for Sale

This public group is great if you are looking to sell or buy a used flute. You can post listings of any flutes you are looking to sell, and you can connect with potential buyers.

If you are looking to buy a flute, you can search for active listings that fit your needs. You can messages the seller of a flute you are interested in, and you can even buy through the Facebook marketplace.

Perfect for: flutists looking to sell or buy instruments online

Not for: flutists who have G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome)

Join here.


These are just a few of the many flute related groups that you can join on Facebook. Each group has a slightly different purpose than the last, so you can probably find the group for you.

Are you in any Facebook groups for flutists? Let me know your favorites in the comments! And be sure to check out my previous post here.


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