Blogging for Musicians: What Is a Blog?

As a musician, I do a lot of teaching and performing. But I’m also a blogger, so I do a lot of blogging and general writing. Still, you may be wondering, what is a blog?

What Is a Blog? | Hannah B Flute

A blog is versatile online platform that anyone can start and use. You can post almost anything you want on a blog. That could include tips and tricks or personal updates.

We musicians can use our blogs to share information about our instruments and build our authority within a niche. But a blog is a so much more.

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What Is a Blog?

The term “blog” is short for weblog, and it started as a way to share personal thoughts online, like a digital diary. However, blogs have grown and changed a lot over time. Now, a blog is a place to share thoughts, tips, tricks, and more.

A blog lives online, either as part of a bigger website or as its own standalone site. You can create a blog on one of many blogging platforms, or you can add a blog page to a website. If you don’t have a website, you can create a website and then add a blog page.

There are tons of blogging platforms that you can use to get started quickly and easily. If you want to create a full website, then you should consider a website hosting package, where you’ll have more control over your website. I personally use and love SiteGround to host this website.

A blog’s purpose

What is a blog and what purpose does it serve? A blog can serve many purposes, and some bloggers use it for multiple things. If you have a personal blog, you can share pictures of your family, travels, or even food.

Here on Hannah B Flute, I write about the flute and music. My blog’s purpose is a bit more professional than a personal blog, though I like to include some personal stuff when it’s relevant.

Blogging for musicians can serve the purpose of growing your audience online. A blog can serve as yet another platform where people can find and connect with you.

How it helps

When you post to your blog consistently, you can give people many more chances to find you and your website. A static website (without a blog) probably only has a few pages.

Musicians might have a home page, a biography page, and a gallery page. Some musicians include pages for their teaching studio or upcoming events.

However, that’s still not a lot of pages. But a blog adds a new page with every single post. Because of the blog, this website has hundreds of pages.

The more pages a website has, the more likely someone is to come across some page. Even if a visitor stumbles upon one of my posts from years back, that’s still something. Without a blog, there would be fewer pages of my website for people to find.

Blogging for Musicians

As a musician, it’s important to consider how blogs affect musicians when discussing the question “what is a blog?” Blogs can do wonders for musicians, especially since a lot of music is being published and distributed online.

More and more people are going to the internet to learn how to play an instrument. And blog posts can be a surprisingly helpful tool for people who want to learn music online. As musicians, we can take better advantage of this trend by adding a blog.

Share your knowledge

One of the best things musicians can do with blogs is to share knowledge. Odds are you probably have something unique to share. We all have different educational experiences that shape who we are as musicians.

While you can (and should) share that knowledge with private students and other colleagues, you can also share that knowledge with the world. If you have a breakthrough regarding a difficult part of music, you can share your tips so that others can get through that same experience.

You can share tips and tricks for nailing scales or other fundamentals. Link out to your favorite instruments, sheet music, and accessories. And if you have a niche within music, you can share information about that, too.

Sharing your knowledge can be a great way to build authority as a musician and teacher, which can help advance your career.

Update your students

If you have a private studio, you can use your blog to share studio updates easily. You can give your students and families the link to your blog so that they can find any updates you have. That way, you don’t have to worry about sending out long emails.

You won’t have to worry about leaving someone off your email list. And you can edit certain updates if and when it makes sense. No second round of emails required.

Promote upcoming events

Whether you’re a teacher, performer, or other music professional, you can use your blog to promote upcoming events. Teachers can share studio recital information, while performers can promote new concerts.

As a blogger and writer, I can use this blog to promote various products and services that I create to offer on this blog. One example: my new music blogging service, which can help you get your blog off the ground!

You can use graphics to help make certain promotions stand out, and that can help people find their way around your website. Just click the image above and see for yourself!


What is a blog? It’s a place to share your thoughts and so much more. You can use it to promote yourself as a musician, teacher, and all around music expert. If you have another niche, you can promote that, too.

Have you ever written a blog post? What was it about?

If not, what has stopped you from blogging? Will you start now?

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