Women Composers for Solo Flute Music

Do you want to learn more solo flute music? What about play music by women composers? Well, you can do both!

Women Composers for Solo Flute Music | Hannah B Flute

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or professional performer, you can play music by these women composers. Then, you can expand your musical horizons and support living artists at the same time.

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Nicole Chamberlain

Nicole Chamberlain is also a flutist and has some amazing works for solo flute and solo piccolo. Some of her works for solo flute include:

  • Asphyxia
  • I Wonder as I Wander
  • In the Bleak Midwinter (arrangement)
  • Smorgasbord
  • Death Whistle

If you like contemporary music or using extended techniques, you should check out her music. She also has music for flute ensembles and other instrumentations.

Valerie Coleman

Another excellent women composer to check out is Valerie Coleman. She is also a flute player, and her biggest work for unaccompanied flute is Danza de la Mariposa.

She’s also written Fanmi Imèn for Flute and Piano. Her catalog also contains works for orchestra, concert band, and wind quintet.

If you want to perform works by composers of color, Valerie Coleman offers a variety of works for flute players and teachers.

Amanda Harberg

Amanda Harberg isn’t a flute player, but she recently composed Hall of Ghosts for Solo Piccolo. She has also written works for flute or piccolo with piano as well as some chamber works with flute in them.

She’s written a Sonata for Piccolo and Piano and Court Dances for Flute and Piano. Her catalog includes other instrumentations, including works for orchestra, choir, and various chamber ensembles.

Jennifer Higdon

Jennifer Higdon has written a ton of works for solo flute and flute with other instruments. Her solo flute works include Solo and rapid fire.

She has written for choir, orchestra, and wind band, as well. Whether you want to teach solo flute music or ensemble music, you should check out Jennifer Higdon’s music.

Katherine Hoover

Katherine Hoover was an American composer who wrote a lot of music inspired by Native American culture. Some of her most famous works for the flute include Kokopelli and Winter Spirits.

She also wrote music for flute ensemble as well as other instrumentations. If you want to explore Native American themes on the concert flute, you should learn some of her music.

Binnette Lipper

Another excellent woman composer was Binnette Lipper. She wrote music for various instruments, and one of those pieces is Four Glimpses of Night.

She wrote the piece based on Frank Marshall Davis’s poem of the same name. I first found the piece when I was browsing at a local sheet music store. It’s been an excellent piece to focus on when I want to play something lyrical but also technical.

Shulamit Ran

Shulamit Ran is an Israeli-American composer, and she has written a few works for solo flute. East Wind is for unaccompanied flute, and it tests the flute player’s range and playing ability.

Shulamit Ran’s works tend to have a Middle Eastern influence. If you enjoy music from that region, you should consider her music.

Will You Play Music by These Women Composers?

Only recently have women composers been able to compose and publish music seriously. While there have been composers such as Cecile Chaminade and Fanny Mendelssohn, women weren’t “supposed” to be composers back then.

Now, we have access to even more amazing works for solo flute. Whether you’re a performer, teacher, or both, you should know about these women composers. Then, you can help share their music with the world.


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