Flute Bag Necessities

Now that I’m back in music school, there are a few flute bag necessities that I like to keep on hand. From instruments to accessories, I keep quite a bit of stuff in my flute bag.

Hannah B Flute | Flute Bag Necessities

You might have different necessities than me, and that’s okay. I’m sharing my flute bag necessities to give you some inspiration for what to keep in your bag. Continue reading “Flute Bag Necessities”

How to Play Flute “Cold”

To play flute cold means to play without much (if any) time to warm up. There are many situations where you might need to play something cold. You might have a long rest during a concert, or maybe you are running late to a rehearsal.

Hannah B Flute | How to Play Flute "Cold"

Whatever the reason, every flutist should know how to play their instrument without much of a warm up. Continue reading “How to Play Flute “Cold””

Sight Reading Practice

Sight reading. You either love it or you hate it. Most classically trained musicians have had to sight read at some point. Sight reading practice can seem annoying, but it will help you advance in other areas of music.

Hannah B Flute | Sight Reading Practice

There are many instances where your sight reading skills will come into play. Some music groups do not hand out music before rehearsal, so you will need to sight read. Many college and professional auditions will ask you to read something you’ve never seen. Continue reading “Sight Reading Practice”