World Flutes: An Accessible & Affordable Choice?

Playing the flute is super fun, and people young and old love and benefit from it. But not all of us have the means to find a flute to learn on. That’s one reason why world flutes are amazing!

Hannah B Flute | World Flutes: An Accessible and Affordable Choice?

World flutes are usually cheaper and easier to find than the typical student flute. So if you’re on a budget and want to start playing music, give a world flute a try! Continue reading “World Flutes: An Accessible & Affordable Choice?”

Alternate Fingerings for Flute

Imagine this. You’re in orchestra rehearsal and you have a tricky passage coming up. Or even worse. You have a long held C sharp. So, you bust out your knowledge of alternate fingerings for flute.

Hannah B Flute | Alternate Fingerings for Flute

From fast technical passages to expressive solos, alternate fingerings can improve your flute technique. Continue reading “Alternate Fingerings for Flute”