J.S. Bach Partita Flute Tips: Your Guide

Do you want to diversify your repertoire? You should consider using some J.S. Bach Partita flute tips to help with the famous work.

J.S. Bach Partita Flute Tips | Hannah B Flute

I learned this piece for my junior recital in college, and it was a blast. But it was also quite a challenge, and I wish I had some of these tips to help me.

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Best Flute Stands: C Flute, Piccolo, Alto

What are the best flute stands, and do you really need one? Having a stand means you can rest your flute safely when you need a break.

Best Flute Stands: C, Piccolo, Alto | Hannah B Flute

I’ve tried a ton of stands and have found that not all are as good as they should be. Fortunately, the stands in this list work well for flute players of all levels.

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