iPad vs. iPad Pro for Musicians

Do you want to read sheet music on the go? You should get an iPad, but first, compare an iPad vs. iPad Pro. Both options can be useful, but one might be a better choice for you.

iPad vs. iPad Pro for Musicians | Hannah B Flute

Whether you want a bigger screen or something more affordable, you can find what you need. Then, you won’t have to carry around a ton of folders or music books.

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Let’s start with the biggest similarity between an iPad vs. iPad Pro. Regardless of the model or size, you can use most (if not all) of the same apps.

You can use apps like forScore or IMSLP to read sheet music. Symphony Pro makes an excellent notation app for composing and arranging. And Tunable is a great tuner and metronome app.

While the experience may differ based on other factors, the app selection is the same. So don’t feel like you need the most expensive one to use as a musician.


One of the biggest differences between the regular iPad and iPad Pro is the size. While the Pro comes in two sizes, the 12.9″ iPad Pro is quite a bit bigger than other models.

I know a lot of musicians who use that size to read sheet music, and they love it. But I’ve used the regular iPad for sheet music, and I think it works well. Sure, it’s a little smaller, but you can make it work.

Choosing the right size can be difficult. One of the things I like about the regular iPad is that it can fit in more bags, which makes it easier to take on the go.


Another similarity between the two iPads is the accessories you can use. If you want to use your iPad in rehearsals or lessons, you should get some sort of case or cover to protect the iPad. Almost every iPad has a compatible case out there.

You should also consider getting an Apple Pencil or another stylus. That way, you can annotate your sheet music easily, so you can use the iPad like it’s paper.

Having accessories for your iPad makes it more fun to use. And you don’t have to worry about trying to write with your finger.


If you want to use your iPad for a lot of things, the iPad Pro is a good choice. It has a lot more power than the regular iPad, so you can use it for many things.

Not only can you use it for sheet music, but you may even be able to replace your laptop with it. That can be great for working on the go.

And some iPads can have really good battery life. If you have a long day of rehearsals or lessons, an iPad Pro may be what you need.


One area where the regular iPad shines is when it comes to the cost. You can buy a regular iPad for a few hundred dollars. However, some iPad Pros cost more than a thousand dollars.

If you aren’t sure if you’ll use your iPad a lot, you may want to start with something more affordable. When you decide you want to upgrade, you can switch out your old iPad for a bigger model with more functions.

Then, you can still save money on a more expensive option. And you won’t have to worry about iPads piling up in your home.

iPad vs. iPad Pro: Which Is Best?

When comparing the iPad vs. iPad Pro, you have a lot to consider. For one, think about how you’ll use the iPad. Maybe you’ll only use it to read sheet music, or you may want to do more with it.

I, personally, love having a regular iPad. While the screen isn’t super big, I can adjust sheet music files to take advantage of the whole screen. And I don’t have to worry about using a big bag that can fit the iPad in it.

But if you want or need a larger screen, an iPad Pro might be worth it. Then, you won’t have to worry about squinting or not having enough power to do what you want.


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