How to Choose an iPad Case for Musicians

Using an iPad for music is great, but it requires more than you might think. One of those aspects that’s easy to forget is choosing an iPad case.

How to Choose an iPad Case | Hannah B Flute

The right case will protect your tablet and make it easier to use. And it can help you recognize your iPad when your colleagues also use tablets for music.

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iPad Size

Of course, the most important factor in choosing an iPad case is knowing what size you need. Just the current lineup includes models of five different sizes. If you add older models, you can find iPads in even more sizes.

That means you can’t just look for a case and assume it will fit your iPad. You should look at your iPad to figure out what model and generation it is. Go to your Settings, tap on General, then About to determine the model.

Knowing what type of iPad and size isn’t enough. For example, the first and second generation 12.9-inch iPad Pros are physically larger than the later versions.

Your Instrument

Another thing that may not sound obvious is what instrument you play. Or rather if you sing or play an instrument. As an instrumentalist, I can hide my iPad case behind a music stand.

If you sing in a choir, though, you don’t have that. Typically, you will hold a choir folder with your music inside. You can still use an iPad in that scenario, but your iPad should match the choir folder.

Many folders are black, so that’s a safe choice. But if your choir uses a different color, you’ll want to find a case that matches. Then, you won’t have to hold the iPad with the a choir folder to blend in with the group.

Case vs. Cover

You should also consider if what you’re buying is an iPad case or a cover. A lot of covers will only protect the screen when you close the cover. The cover is good for keeping the screen safe, but it’s not as protective.

Buying an iPad case that covers the back is super important. Then, you won’t have to worry as much about dropping your iPad. Now, that’s not me giving permission to drop your tablet.

But it’s still good to have protection when using an iPad for sheet music. You have to take it a lot of places, and you need it to stay in good condition.

Use Cases

This won’t apply to everyone, but you might want to think about how you’ll use your iPad. Over time, the iPad has evolved to be more like a laptop replacement, and that wasn’t the case a decade ago.

If you want to use your new iPad as a laptop, you should get an iPad case with a keyboard attachment. But consider if you’ll need to take the case off read sheet music.

Some keyboards will flip around 180 degrees, and you won’t have to remove them to read music. But if that’s not the case, you’ll want a case that’s easy to take off and put on.

Your Style

If you will be playing with other musicians who use iPads, you may want to get a more unique case. Now, vocalists should ignore this tip. I already mentioned getting a neutral case is better for choir.

However, if you get to keep your iPad behind a music stand, you might want to get one that stands out. It can be surprisingly easy to mix up folders, so the same is true of iPads.

The last thing you want is to grab your iPad in a rush and accidentally grab someone else’s tablet. Getting a more colorful case or one with a pattern can increase the chances of your case not looking like another.

Apple Pencil Charging

Another thing to consider is how you’ll charge your Apple Pencil. Many of the newer iPads use the Apple Pencil 2. That version uses a magnet to charge on the side of the iPad.

If your iPad uses this version of the pencil, you need a case with an opening on the right side. That way, you can easily connect your stylus for charging.

When you have an older iPad or one that uses the Apple Pencil 1, that’s not as big of a deal. You can charge your styles with the lightning port, and that will already be accessible.

Apple Pencil Holder

Regardless of your Apple Pencil model, you may want an iPad case with a spot to hold your stylus. This is great when your stylus has a full battery. You don’t have to keep charging it to connect it to your tablet.

If your case has a slot to hold the pencil, you won’t need to keep it somewhere close. I remember having to keep my Apple Pencil 1 in the same backpack pocket as my regular iPad.

Since I upgraded to an iPad Pro, I got a case with a stylus slot. That makes it super easy to grab my Apple Pencil 2 when I need it. And I can put the stylus back in the slot when I’m done.

The Price

Of course, you also have to consider how much an iPad case costs. Some cases cost $100 or more, while others are less than $30.

Now, you’re already spending hundreds on an iPad. On the one hand, that means you may want to get a cheap case to save money. But you might also want to invest in a good case to protect your big investment.

If possible, read plenty of reviews to see what cases are good. Some affordable options are of good quality, so you don’t have to spend a lot. Just keep the price and value in mind.

Which iPad Case Will You Get?

An iPad case is a crucial accessory for anyone, especially musicians. You need something to protect your investment as you use it.

Be sure to consider which iPad model you have, where you’ll use the case, and how much you want to spend. Then, you can get something that will be easy for you to use as you read music on your iPad.

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