Summer Plans for Musicians

Are you ready for a break from the school year? Before you completely check out, consider a few ideas for summer plans.

Summer Plans for Musicians | Hannah B Flute

The right plan can help you reach your goals and prepare for the fall. But it will also help you avoid burnout.

Keep reading to find out what you should do this summer, and read until the end to learn about a helpful guide!

Work Part-Time

One of the best summer plans for musicians is to work. During the school year, you may have a lot going on. As summer approaches, that can change. Some of your private students may take a few months off, for example.

You have more time to do other things, so why not look for a job? This could be in music or an unrelated field. Either way, getting a job that you can work at a few days a week can help you make some extra money.

Then, you won’t see a drop in income if you’re out of school. If you’re still a student, you can save that money to use for expenses next semester. And if you’re about to graduate, you can use the money and work to start your career.

Work Full-Time

If you’re still in school, you may want to look for a full-time summer job. You can make and save more money than you would by working part-time. Just make sure you get a job that will give you enough time to practice and relax.

Many full-time gigs let you have time to yourself. Again, you can look for a summer position in music or something else. You might want to find an internship, for example.

Another option is to combine multiple part-time gigs. These can add up to a full 40 hours of work per week. Then, you’ll be able to make extra money to use next semester.

Start Freelancing

If I were looking for summer plans, I would look at some freelance gigs. This is a great option for students, recent grads, and soon-to-be graduates. You can get your career going by starting a private studio or looking for performance gigs.

Or you might choose to pursue a different type of career. If like me, you like writing, you can pitch yourself to clients and publications. Then, you may be able to get some work as a music writer.

Freelancing is great because you have more control over everything. When school starts back up, you can ease up on your freelancing. That’s what helped me balance freelancing and grad school while making the money I needed.

Build Your Online Presence

Another great way to spend your summer is to start and build an online presence. This is essential if you want to freelance or build a teaching studio as a musician.

You can work on a website and social media profiles. That way, people will know who you are and what you can do. When you start to look for students or gigs, you may find people trust you more.

If you want to be a performer, post recordings of your playing. And if you want to teach, start sharing basic tips to show your expertise. You may start to get clients or students without having to pitch yourself a ton.

Post to YouTube

When deciding where to build your online presence, consider YouTube. As I mentioned, you can post recordings online. YouTube is a great place to do that, and you can share links to those recordings.

If you’re a composer or arranger, you can share recordings as well. Post live recordings if possible or use the digital renderings from your notation software. Then, link to those recordings so that customers can hear before buying.

Private teachers can post educational videos. If you teach the flute, you may want to make and post a tutorial on forming an embouchure. You can mention in the video that you offer lessons and have people contact you.

Learn Something

The summer is an excellent time for you to learn something new. You can enroll in a course or read an eBook.

We can always stand to learn something, and you may not have time during the year So give yourself time this summer. Maybe you want to brush up on your music theory, so you take some lessons.

Or perhaps you want to be more productive. You can read books and guides about managing your time. If that sounds good, keep reading to learn more about Time Management for Busy Musician.s

Attend Events

Another one of the best summer plans is to attend music events. You can also go to events specifically for your instrument. A lot of musicians will go to summer festivals, and they can learn a lot at those places.

But you don’t have to spend a ton of money. In the past couple of years, some groups have started offering online events. That way, you can stay at home and work or save money.

Going to events is a great way to learn more about music or your instrument. It can also help motivate you to practice. This is great if you’re a band director or have another job that doesn’t give you much time to play during the year.

Build Your Network

You can also spend some of your summer networking with musicians and non-musicians. Think about what you want to do, and look for people who may help you reach your goals.

For example, a private teacher may want to meet the local band and orchestra directors. On the other hand, someone who wants to work in arts admin might look to meet others in that field.

If you want to stay in your area, you can network locally. However, if you know you want to move, you can go online. Search for people who are where you want to live to network and help prepare for your move.

Practice More

You don’t need to practice for hours a day. But the summer is a great time to practice a bit more than you otherwise could during the school year. If you want to improve your playing, give yourself an extra 10 or 20 minutes a day.

Assign yourself a solo to learn over the next few months. Or look for a few performance opportunities, such as in a community group. Then, you can have the motivation to practice well throughout the summer.

Once fall arrives, you can have the skills you want. And you can use your skills to manage your practice time and continue to get a lot of work done.


Sometimes, the best summer plans don’t involve a whole lot. The summer can be a great time to take a break and relax a bit more. You may have students go on vacation, so you aren’t teaching as much.

Or you might simply want to get outside to enjoy the warmer weather. No matter what it is, be sure to take some time to relax. Even if you want to work or start freelancing, you still need time to just be.

You don’t have to relax all of the time. But start watching a new show or rewatch an old favorite. Then, you can reduce the risk of burning yourself out, especially after a busy year.

What Are Your Summer Plans?

The best summer plans for musicians can vary from person to person. No matter what you want to do, consider learning how to manage your time.

In Time Management for Busy Musicians, I explain how you can be productive in and out of the practice room. That way, you can get better at your instrument while still being a person.

Download the guide today!

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