Musescore App Review and Guide

You’ve heard of Musescore for music notation. But have you heard of the Musescore app and website?

Musescore App and Website Review and Guide | Hannah B Flute

The app lets composers upload their works. That way, you can sight read or learn them as a performer. Consider if you should give the app a try!

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What Is the Musescore App?

Musescore app

The Musescore app is a mobile app that you can use to read and download sheet music for free on your iPad or Android tablet. Downloading the app won’t cost anything, and neither will the basic features of the app.

However, there are some advanced features that require a paid subscription. If you want a good app to find music for sight reading or to perform, consider downloading it.

What Is the Musescore Website?

Musescore website

The Musescore website is a site where composers and arrangers can upload their music. You can’t sell the music, so you have to be okay with listing it for free.

However, it can be a good way to get exposure for your music. You can also use the website to read sheet music on your computer or tablet.

Musescore App vs. Notation Program

You may know of Musescore for its popular free notation software. I’ve used the program a few times, and it has some good features.

However, the Musescore app is more for performers. You can find tons of pieces in the app or on the website to read through for fun or add to a recital.

Musescore App Plans

If you want to use the app, you can choose from a few plans. That way, you can get the features you want.

Here are the available tiers and what you should know about each.


When you sign up for a Musescore account, you can access a variety of free sheet music on the site or app. You’ll be able to search by title or artist then filter by level, instrumentation, and other factors.

I currently have this tier because I don’t use Musescore that much. It’s a good option to test out the site and app to see if you like it.

Musescore PRO

Musescore PRO is a good tier for composers. It gives you access to insights on who is downloading or reading your music.

You’ll also be able to view the site without intrusive ads. So there are a couple of benefits for performers as well.

This tier costs $29.99 for a year or $6.99 for a month. Of course, I’d recommend paying for a year at a time since you’ll get almost eight months for free.

Musescore PRO+

The company recently added the Musescore PRO+ tier. And quite frankly, that’s why I downgraded from Musescore PRO.

This plan gives you access to official scores for pop and movie songs. It was a part of the PRO plan before PRO+ came to be.

If you like pop music, I think it can be worth it. But you won’t be able to print those scores; you can only view them in the app.

Musescore PRO+ costs $12.99 per month when it’s not on sale. That’s not a ton of money, but you’ll want to use it regularly to get your money’s worth.

Musescore LEARN

If you want to learn a new instrument, you may want to try Musescore LEARN. The platform has thousands of lessons on various instruments.

Maybe you’re a flute player looking to learn the saxophone, for example. If you can’t take private lessons, these lessons could be a good starting point.

Now, I don’t have any experience with this program, so I can’t say for sure if it’s worth it. You can do a free trial before you have to pay for it to test it out.

Why Use the Musescore App

If you have an iPad or Android device, the Musescore app is helpful. You can do a lot with it, depending on the plan you select.

Here are a few advantages of using any Musescore tier.

Access More Music

First, you can use Musescore to find more music to sight read or learn. The music is free to read in the app. If you pay, you can download the music to read offline.

Also, the app lets you “favorite” scores to access later. So if you want to learn a piece more thoroughly, you can find it.

Find New Composers

Another benefit is that you can learn about new composers and arrangers. If you want to play music by living composers, this is a great option.

Sure, you can find composers online. However, many newer composers are willing to offer music for free to get some exposure. If you find someone you like, look up their website to see if you can buy their music.

Learn Pop Songs

My favorite way to use the Musescore app or website is to learn pop songs. I love playing along to pop music, and I don’t have the best ear. When I first got into playing to pop songs, having the notes on paper helped.

Now, I’m better at playing by ear, so I don’t feel like I need Musescore PRO+. But it can help if you’re getting started playing in that style and need a reference for what to play.

What Devices Are Compatible With the Musescore App?

You can use the app on any iOS or Android device. If you’re okay using the Musescore website, you can also access it on your laptop or desktop.

Will You Use the Musescore App?

The Musescore app has a lot of features for composers and performers. If you want to play new music, give the app or website a try.

You might just find your new favorite tool for practicing music. And if you want even more details on using an iPad for sheet music, download forScore and More!

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