UBeesize iPad Floor Stand Review and Guide

Should you use an iPad stand to perform music with your tablet? Read a UBeesize iPad Floor Stand review to learn if the model is right for you!

UBeesize iPad Floor Stand Review | Hannah B Flute

I’ve played with an iPad stand for over a month, and I love it. It’s so nice not to have to carry a bulky stand to rehearsals.

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What Is the UBeesize iPad Floor Stand?

UBeesize iPad Floor Stand

The UBeesize iPad Floor Stand is a tripod that can hold almost any iPad model. I use it with my iPad Pro, and it holds it well so that I can perform from my tablet.

This stand comes with a tripod base, a holder for your iPad, and an adapter to attach the holder to the base. You’ll also get an iPhone holder if you want to clip your phone to the stand, and it comes with a Bluetooth remote.

You’ll get a bag to hold the base, but it doesn’t fit the other accessories. I haven’t found that to be too big of an issue so far. One thing I like compared to other iPad floor stands is that this one goes over the corners.

That way, you still have space to connect the Apple Pencil 2 to the side if you need to charge it or access it easily. However, the stand isn’t the best if you have a really thick case, so I swapped mine out for something thinner and easier to remove.

You can adjust the angle of the piece that connects the holder to the base. That allows you to get the perfect viewing angle. And you can raise or lower the stand based on if you’re sitting or standing.


  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • iPad and phone holders
  • Compact


  • Bag doesn’t hold everything
  • Can be a bit wobbly

Who the UBeesize iPad Floor Stand Is For

UBeesize iPad Floor Stand

The UBeesize iPad floor stand is an excellent choice for musicians. It may not be specifically for music, but it has a lot of useful features.

I’d recommend the stand to anyone who’s on a budget. It’s a lot more affordable compared to stands from Peak and other brands. Also the stand is a good option if you want to see how it works for rehearsals or concerts.

If you’re also looking for a good tripod to take pictures or videos, it works great for that as well. I’ve used the phone holder to film videos, and it goes higher than my other phone tripod.

Who the UBeesize iPad Floor Stand Is Not For

While this iPad floor stand is great, it may not work for everyone. First, it’s not ideal if you have a really thick iPad case. I was using a thick case for a while, and I struggled to get my iPad to stay in the stand with the case on.

You could remove the iPad from your case, but that’s a hassle. At least the case I had was almost impossible to get off.

The iPad floor stand may also be unnecessary if you don’t need to bring a music stand to rehearsals or performances. I have to bring a stand for flute choir but not for orchestra. So while it’s great for one ensemble, I have no use for it otherwise.

Why Use an iPad Floor Stand

UBeesize iPad Floor Stand

After reading an iPad floor stand review, you may wonder if it’s worth switching from a traditional music stand. While both stands offer benefits, I’ve found a few advantages to using my iPad stand.

Consider the following reasons to get the UBeesize stand or something similar.

More Compact

When you compare it to a Manhasset stand, the Ubeesize iPad stand is much more compact. I can fit the different parts in my alto flute bag. That makes packing for flute choir a lot easier, and I can keep my hands free.

At the National Flute Association (NFA) convention, I saw a lot of people using these stands. And it makes sense because you already have to bring your instruments and personal items, and traveling with a big stand is annoying.

But even if you just go to weekly rehearsals, it can still be nice. Before, I had to hand carry my music stand to flute choir. That got annoying, and I’m glad I don’t have to do that anymore.

More Sturdy

Of course, you can solve the size issue by using a folding wire music stand. But an iPad floor stand is usually sturdier than those cheap music stands. They aren’t always as sturdy as bulkier music stands.

But if you don’t want to worry about your music falling over, an iPad floor stand is a good option. That’s especially true if you already use an iPad to read music.

I tried to put my iPad Pro on a cheaper, thinner music stand. It stayed in place, but I think if I touched or moved it just the wrong way, it could have easily fallen over.

More Flexible

At least with the UBeesize stand, you can adjust it in multiple ways. You can adjust the angle of the tripod base to make it shorter or taller. Then, you can adjust the part that stands up straight.

That gives you more options when it comes to how tall the stand can get. And you can adjust the angle of your iPad.

It’s also more flexible in that you can travel with it easily. So if you travel often for gigs, you can get a lot of use out of the stand.

More Enjoyable

When you use a standard music stand, you have something big blocking you from the audience. That can relieve a bit of performance anxiety, but it can also ruin the experience for concertgoers and for you as the performer.

If you can’t memorize your music, you can use an iPad with a floor stand. That way, you can still reference your part. But you can place it at the right height and angle so that your audience can see you.

Then, you can engage your audience more as you play. And they won’t feel blocked off from you or your instrument. And if you’re in an ensemble, you can enjoy the same benefits but with your conductor.

Why Not Use an iPad Stand

While an iPad floor stand can work well, it’s not perfect. Before you invest in one, especially an expensive model, consider the drawbacks.

Then, you can decide if the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa.

Added Expense

Buying an iPad floor stand is just one more thing you’d have to do. If you’re just starting playing with an iPad, you have to buy that. You should also buy an Apple Pencil and probably a case.

Some people buy Bluetooth pedals to turn pages. All of those things add up, and an iPad floor stand isn’t as necessary as other accessories.

So if you’re on a budget, you may want to hold off. You can use a regular music stand which you probably already have anyway.

Requires Setup

Every time you want to use an iPad floor stand in a different place, you’ll have to set it up and take it down. Compared to some music stands, those steps can waste a lot of time.

For example, traditional stands are ready to pick up and go. All you need to do is adjust the height and perhaps the angle of the stand.

But at least with the UBeesize stand, you have to connect all of the parts and adjust it to be the correct height. That means you’d need to get to a rehearsal or concert a little earlier than otherwise.

No Uniformity

Depending on what ensembles you play in, you may not be able to use an iPad floor stand, at least for concerts. Some directors want the group to look uniform, so you have to use a bulky, traditional music stand.

If that applies to you, it’s worth keeping that in mind. Then, you can decide it’s not worth spending your money on something like that.

It also may not be worth it if you play with groups that provide stands. You can easily use the stand you already have when practicing at home.

Is the UBeesize iPad Floor Stand Easy to Use?

The UBeesize iPad Floor Stand is pretty easy to use. It can be hard to get used to at first, but it’s become a breeze for me.

I’ve had the stand for a couple of months, and I’ve gotten used to how it works. So I can set it up or take it down in just a few minutes.

Do You Have to Remove Your iPad From the Case to Use an iPad Stand?

You don’t have to remove your iPad from the case if the case is thin. I still take it out of the case I use now so that I don’t bend the case.

That also allows me to access the rear camera for scanning new music. So even if your case can fit, it’s a good idea to take it out.

UBeesize iPad Floor Stand Review

Reading a UBeesize iPad Floor Stand review can help you decide if you should get the stand for your iPad. Then, you can have a compact, easy way to perform music on the go.

I love using the stand during rehearsals and occasionally at home. But it does have some disadvantages that you should consider.

If you want to learn more about performing music with an iPad, download forScore and More!

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