How to Double Tongue Faster

Saint-Saëns’ Volière. Mendelssohn’s Scherzo. And for piccolo players: Rossini’s Semiramide. These excerpts all involve fast notes and a clean articulation. If you want to play these solos successfully, you have to know how to double tongue.

How to Double Tongue Faster | Hannah B Flute

Tonguing is part of life as a flutist. And being able to use your tongue in different ways will help your technique and playing ability.  If you’re sick of having to play things under tempo, you have to learn how to double tongue!

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World Flutes: An Accessible & Affordable Choice?

Playing the flute is super fun, and people young and old love and benefit from it. But not all of us have the means to find a flute to learn on. That’s one reason why world flutes are amazing!

Hannah B Flute | World Flutes: An Accessible and Affordable Choice?

World flutes are usually cheaper and easier to find than the typical student flute. So if you’re on a budget and want to start playing music, give a world flute a try! Continue reading “World Flutes: An Accessible & Affordable Choice?”

Alternate Fingerings for Flute

Imagine this. You’re in orchestra rehearsal and you have a tricky passage coming up. Or even worse. You have a long held C sharp. So, you bust out your knowledge of alternate fingerings for flute.

Hannah B Flute | Alternate Fingerings for Flute

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