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The internet has become the perfect place to learn just about anything. You can even learn flute online! How? There are tons of online resources for flute students!

Online Resources for Flute Students | Hannah B Flute

You don’t have to be tech-savvy or have a ton of money to learn the flute online. If you know the right online resources for flute, you can use them to your advantage.

Free Resources for Flute Students

Of course, many flute students don’t have a ton of money. Whether you’re in middle or high school or are studying flute in college, odds are you’re looking for free resources for flute.

Even if you’re out of school and learning flute for fun, you may not want to spend a ton of money. Luckily, there are plenty of free resources for flute students online.

Blog posts

What better place to start for free resources for flute than a blog? I may be biased, but blogs are a great way to learn about new things. While it can be hard to learn flute just by reading, blog posts can be helpful for learning other topics.

You can read blog posts to learn about buying an instrument, learning a second instrument, or even building your career!

Some blog posts can also cover topics about playing the flute or other instruments. Reading blogs can help you learn about various facets of being a musician.

YouTube videos

If you’re looking for a more visual resource for flute playing, check out YouTube videos. You can subscribe to different flute-related channels, so you can watch new videos as they come out.

YouTube also lets you search for specific topics. If you’re interested in learning flute tone, you can put that in the search bar. Then, you’ll get a list of videos that (hopefully) have the info you need.

While YouTube is the most popular, you can also find videos on other social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are two popular networks for flute players. And Instagram TV has made it easy for people to post longer recordings and other videos.

Free sheet music sites

Once you start learning the flute, you’ll need a good place to find sheet music. Unfortunately, most sheet music costs money. However, there are a few websites that offer sheet music for free.

  • specializes in flute sheet music, and they post a tune a day, which is great for sightreading!
  • IMSLP is a great free sheet music site for all instruments, even those that aren’t part of the orchestra or wind band!

You can find other free sheet music sites, but they all will have some limitations. Most of these sites only publish sheet music in the public domain. So while they’re great for Baroque and Classical period music, they’re not so great for finding modern works.

Paid Resources for Flute Students

For better or worse, free resources can only help so much. At some point, it can help to invest a bit of money into your flute education. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars.

However, if you want personalized attention and more details about flute playing, you should be willing to pay for that. Luckily, many paid resources aren’t too expensive at the start.

Live lessons

Of course, the best paid resource for flute students is live private lessons. A private flute teacher can help you with your needs. Rather than getting generic advice, you can get tips that are specifically FOR. YOU.

For private lessons, you’ll meet with your teacher in person or over video chat. During the lesson, you can ask questions and get immediate feedback on your playing.

Your teacher can assess how you’re doing and can make suggestions for how to improve. Are you looking to take online flute lessons? The HBF studio is now accepting new students!

Performance checks

Perhaps you want personalized feedback, but you have a busy schedule. Or perhaps you don’t have the money to commit to regular live lessons. In today’s world, that’s completely normal.

While not as popular as live lessons, performance checks can be a great way to get the feedback and tips you need. You can create and submit a recording when it’s convenient for you.

Then, you can submit it to a teacher offering performance checks. The teacher will review your recording and send you their thoughts. Are you interested in getting a performance check?

Method books

Another great introduction to paid online resources for flute students is a method book. There are tons of tried and true method books for flute. Some of them, like the Taffanel & Gaubert, book are available on IMSLP.

Others you will have to pay to get a copy. However, you can buy both print and digital versions of method books online. Visit a site like Amazon, and you can search for quite a few options.

Popular beginner method books include Rubank, Flute 101, and the Blocki Method. You can also use “band books” like Essential Elements. However, flute-specific method books will usually have a better structure for beginning flute students.

Books about flute

If you want to learn about the flute’s history or the members of the flute family, you should read a book about the flute. The most popular book for this is probably Nancy Toff’s The Flute Book.

However, flutists like Trevor Wye have also written similar books. You can also find biographies and autobiographies about famous flute players like Marcel Moyse and James Galway.

Reading these types of books in your free time can be a great way to learn without practicing your instrument.


There are TONS of excellent resources for flute students online. Want to learn about more and how to use these resources effectively?

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