How Musicians Can Pivot to Work Online

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic threw everyone for a loop, forcing everyone to work online. For musicians, moving lessons and concerts online was tough, but it seems like there’s no clear end to the public health crisis.

How Musicians Can Work Online | Hannah B Flute

If you want to build your music career before the pandemic ends, you need to work online. You may be able to do some stuff in person, but no one knows when that will be entirely safe.

Luckily, many musicians can work online. You just have to consider how.

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Online Jobs for Musicians

If you want to work online and in the field of music, you have a few options. You can pursue something more traditional, such as offering private lessons. But you can also find other online jobs.

Private Teacher

One of the easiest ways to start to work online as a musician is to be a private teacher. You can set up your own virtual teaching studio, or you can find an online school to work with.

I’ve taught a few students online, and lessons can be just as productive as if they were in person.

When teaching online, you have access to more students. You don’t have to look for students in your area. As long as you or your students have flexibility, you can teach anyone in the world.


If you like to compose original music, now’s the time to get out there. You can release your music on websites like Sheet Music Plus, or you can use your own website.

Composing isn’t for everyone, and it’s not always easy. But if you can come up with musical ideas quickly, you may be able to make money from it.

If you don’t like composing original pieces, you can also become an arranger. You can find pieces in the public domain to arrange for a new instrumentation, and you can sell the new version.

Remote Recording Artist

If you prefer performing, you can work online as a remote recording artist. You can work with individuals, recording studios, or other companies to record tracks on your instrument.

Websites like Fiverr let you share your offer, but you can also market your services with your website and social media.

As long as you have decent recording equipment, you can make this work. You can work on a variety of projects, so it can be a great way to keep things fresh.

Other Gigs

If you’re willing to do something related to music or in another industry, you can look for other online gigs. You can work as a writer or designer, or you can edit audio and video.

There are so many online gigs, so you can probably find something that suits you.

You may need to be a bit flexible as you start to work online. But once you find a few sources of income, more will come.

How to Work Online

Working online isn’t for everyone, but at certain times, it may be a necessity. Whether you have a health condition or simply don’t want to go somewhere to work, you should work online.

But consider these things to help build your online music career.

Use Your Website

If you don’t have a website already, you need one. You can create a website in a few days with a tool like WordPress. I host my WordPress website (this one) with SiteGround.

If you already have a website, you should make sure it shows off what you offer. Private teachers should focus their websites on teaching, while performers can include recordings.

You should also implement some SEO to help people find your website organically. If you can target the right keywords, you can get more people to see your stuff without a huge marketing budget.

Network on Social Media

Website or not, you should spend some time on social media (but do so with caution). When scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, see what your musician colleagues are up to.

If someone has a question, give a genuine answer when possible. You can also join Facebook groups for your instrument to answer more questions.

This can help you get your name out there. When someone looks for a private teacher or performer, they may think of you.

Be Flexible

As you start to work online, you need to be flexible. You may not have a full studio or a full recording schedule at first. And that’s okay.

It will take time and effort to make your online career something sustainable. If you offer a good product or service and know how to promote yourself, you can make it work.


Are you struggling to build an online music career? Do you need some help with your digital content?

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