Should You Work From Home?

When the world shut down in March 2020, a lot of people had to work from home. Now that we are slowly returning to normal, some people will go back to the office.

Should You Work From Home? | Hannah B Flute

But some people may want to keep working from home. If you’re considering working from home after the pandemic, you should consider if it’s right for you.

Keep reading to learn if you should work from home when it isn’t required.

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Why Work From Home

If you have had to work from home during the pandemic, you know that it can have some benefits. Of course, some people are probably eager to get back to the office and working in person with others.

However, there are some benefits of working from home that won’t change when things go back to “normal.” If you have the option to work from home long-term, consider a few reasons why you should.

Short Commute

Of course, one of the biggest differences is that you don’t have to commute. You don’t have to worry about traffic during rush hour or other times of day.

My commute right now is about six feet, but I don’t just go straight from my bed to my desk. Having a short commute can save you a lot of time to either work on your own business outside of a day job.

You can also use that extra time to practice or be with your family or pets. Not having to commute can also give you more time to cook a healthy dinner each day.

More Flexible

Working from home gives you some more flexibility as well. You can take more breaks throughout the day, and you don’t have to worry about a boss telling you not to.

If you’re up and ready to start working early so that you can end work early, you can do that. And if you need to sleep in a bit and work later, you can do that.

You can also take more breaks throughout the day when you need them. If you live in an apartment, you can also practice your instrument during the day when most people are out.

No Office Politics

If you work from home, you can also avoid office politics and gossip. While it can be nice to talk with your coworkers, sometimes things can get out of hand.

I know I’ve gotten caught in the middle of a situation between a few of my (now former) coworkers. On the one hand, it was nice to talk with my colleagues. However, it got to be annoying after a while.

You may still have some drama if you use a platform, like Slack or Microsoft Teams. But it won’t be as bad as if you didn’t work from home.

Why Not Work From Home

Being able to work from home is great for a lot of people, and it’s very common among freelancers and musicians. But there are some disadvantages that come from not working in an office.

If you haven’t been working from home recently, you may not be missing out on much. Consider a few reasons why you may not want to work from home.

Many Distractions

Unfortunately, working from home can come with quite a few distractions. You may have chores, like laundry or emptying the dishwasher. Chores aren’t necessarily fun, but they can distract you from getting your work done.

If you live with your parents, a significant other, or kids, they can also be distracting. This is especially true if your family members also work from home or have online school.

Having pets can also lead to distractions, especially if you have a dog that likes going outside a lot. But even a cat can be distracting if they like to sit on your lap or your laptop.

No Office Chats

While office politics can be annoying, general chats can be nice. You can talk to your coworkers when you get into the office, and you can discuss your weekend or what you did the prior evening.

It can be nice to talk to people outside of your household. Those conversations can sometimes make the day more enjoyable, so you won’t dread work as much.

Some remote work from home teams use Slack to replicate this. But it still isn’t the same as being in the same room interacting with your teammates. When you work from home, you’re working alone for most of that time.

No Separation From Your Work

Another reason why you may not want to work from home is that it can be hard to separate work from your personal life. When you live and work in the same space, you may end up working more.

You have access to your computer, and it can be tempting to respond to emails at any hour of the day. If you struggle with logging out of work, you may want leaving the office as an excuse.

While some things may require your attention after hours, most things can wait. If you feel tempted to respond to stuff immediately, you may need to set boundaries for yourself if you want to work from home.


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