Sacred Flute Solos: What to Play in a Church Gig

Do you have a church gig soon? You should consider some sacred flute solos to prepare.

Sacred Flute Solos: Church Gig Music | Hannah B Flute

Then, you can practice the music that will fit the mood of the gig. Whether it’s a service, wedding, or something else, you want to choose the right pieces.

Read on to learn about the best sacred flute solos!

J.S. Bach Partita

A few years ago, I got a church gig, and they asked me to prepare a solo. I played the J.S. Bach Partita as a prelude to a Sunday service. You can do the same, and you can play one or more of the movements.

This work is also a good option for things like weddings and other events where you need to play sacred flute solos. I’d recommend the third and fourth movements if you want something slower.

The first two movements are great, but they’re very technical. That means they may be a bit out of place, especially in a prelude setting.

C.P.E. Bach Sonata

Another unaccompanied work that you can include in your list of sacred flute solos is the C.P.E. Bach Sonata. I’ve never played this in a church, but it’s similar to his dad’s partita.

You can play one or more of the movements for a prelude or in the service. It’s also a good choice for a wedding or some other sacred flute gig.

I’d probably start with the slower movement for a prelude. But you can play the other movements as well.

Telemann Fantasias

The Telemann Fantasias also make for an excellent set of sacred flute solos. I’ve learned a few of the solos, but you can learn them all. That way, you could perform a full concert in a church.

You could also play one of the fantasias for a service prelude. And if you get a wedding gig, you can play multiple fantasias throughout the event.

Like the other solos, this is unaccompanied. That means you don’t have to worry about rehearsing with a pianist.

J.S. Bach Cello Suites

If you want to play something other than flute music, learn one of the J.S. Bach Cello Suites but on your flute. Of course, you can play the famous prelude, or you can play the entire suite.

Learn multiple suites to have an even longer program of music. That way, you can rotate through more music or offer options to churches that want to hire you.

Of course, these suites can also work for weddings or other events. Just make sure you get a good edition if you aren’t comfortable reading bass clef.


Another idea for sacred flute solos is to play the melody to one or more hymnals. This is a great way to accompany a choir in a church service.

You can also play one as a prelude or postlude to a service. I’d recommend transposing the melody up an octave since many of them go below middle C. Others can simply be hard to hear in the low register.


Taps isn’t necessarily a sacred flute solo. However, maybe you get asked to play for a funeral. If that funeral is for a veteran, Taps can be a nice piece to close the even with.

You can play it in the distance or close to the crowd. Do whatever works for the family.

Why Does Music Matter for a Church Gig?

Sacred flute solos and other appropriate pieces are essential. If you have a church gig, you don’t want to offend anyone.

You also want to choose music that fits the mood of the event. For example, you may play different stuff for a wedding than a traditional Sunday service.

What Sacred Flute Solos Will You Play?

You can choose from a variety of original and arranged sacred flute solos. If you have a church gig coming up, choose some music now.

Then, you can practice the music and make sure it fits the gig. And if you’re looking for music that works, head to Flute Files!

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