What Are SMART Goals?

Do you want to set goals that you can actually achieve? You need to use SMART goals. But what are SMART goals? How do they work?

What Are SMART Goals? | Hannah B Flute

SMART goals can help you set goals that are better and easier to reach than general goals. That way, you can make sure you make progress each day and week.

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What Are SMART Goals?

SMART goals are goals that you can use to help with any aspect of your life. They’re great for practice goals, career goals, and more. You can use a SMART goal to make sure you can reach the goal you set.

So, what are SMART goals? Consider the different elements.


The S in SMART stands for specific, and it means your goal shouldn’t be vague or open to interpretation. If your goal is to improve your flute playing, that isn’t specific enough.

In what way do you want to improve? Do you have a specific issue with your flute playing?

Asking those questions can help you come up with a more specific goal. Perhaps you realize that you want to improve your flute tone. Or maybe you want to work on your technique.


M stands for measurable, and that means you need to be able to track your progress toward your goal. Let’s take the goal of improving your flute technique.

How can you measure technique improvement? It can be hard if you don’t put any marker to your goal.

So maybe your goal is to be able to play a chromatic scale using eighth notes at 120 beats per minute. That’s a lot more clear, and you can track how close you are to reaching your goal.


Next, you need to make sure your goal is attainable. If you’re new to the flute, you probably won’t be able to play a chromatic scale quickly. Even if you’ve played for a while, 120 beats per minute is fast.

So maybe you decide to reduce the tempo to 80 beats per minute. That can be a lot more attainable for many flute players.

If your goal is attainable, it will be much easier to keep up with it. While you should always want to push yourself, you don’t want to overdo it. If you can’t reach a goal, you will become frustrated more easily.


The R in SMART stands for relevant, and relevance is essential to setting a good goal. If your goal isn’t relevant to your life or your overall musical goals, you may not want to work on it.

The goal of working on your chromatic scale is great, and you can use those skills in many pieces. But if you have to play a lot of piccolo soon, you may want to focus on that scale on the piccolo instead of the flute.

That way, you can put your skills into practice during rehearsals or lessons. You won’t have to worry about wasting time working on your goal. You’ll be able to apply it directly to your music.


Okay, so we have the goal to play a chromatic scale with eighth notes at 80 beats per minute and on the piccolo. But can we create a better goal? Yes, we can use the T in SMART, which stands for time-bound.

When do you want or need to play your chromatic scale at that speed? Do you need to play it fast by next week? Next month? Next year?

Giving yourself a deadline can help you have the discipline to work on your goal. That way, you can make consistent progress. But make sure your deadline follows the rest of the SMART framework. Give yourself a specific deadline that you can achieve.

Why Do SMART Goals Matter?

SMART goals matter because they help you set better goals. While vague goals may have their place, they aren’t always helpful. Using the SMART system can help you set goals that you can actually achieve.

You can use each element to determine how you can work towards your goal. As you make progress, you can track your progress and keep going. Then, you can reach your goal in no time.

How Do You Set SMART Goals?

You can use the five elements of SMART to set good goals. Take a goal you have and run it through each element. If it fits each requirement, great. But if not, see how you can change your goal.

You can also work with me on your goals to help with your practice, career, or other aspects of your musical life. Then, you can make sure you set goals that can help you get better and enjoy your life.

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